Vandals fire shots at Jehovah's Witness hall

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  • Matty

    Vandals fire shots at Jehovah's Witness hall

    DADE CITY -- Vandals fired shots early Saturday at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 14838 Ramsey Road, causing $6,600 worth of damage to the building.

    Neighbors told Pasco County Sheriff's deputies they were awakened twice, about 2 a.m. and again at 5:20 a.m., by gunshots coming from the grounds.

    Deputies found spent bullet casings and holes in the doors, walls and lights, the sheriff's report said.

    Deputies are searching for a white pickup truck, low to the ground, with an extended cab and blue stripes.

  • Kenneson

    This article appeared in the St. Petersburg, Florida Times. Dade City is in Pasco County.

  • Matty

    No innocent teddies involved this time fortunately.

  • Loris

    Around here we call it Dude City. It is overrun with wannabe rednecks and cowboys. It is not really significant that gun fire is heard around there. The KH was just in the way of a good time. It is really rural in that area. A lot of Good Ol Boys with no brains.


  • Matty
    ...overrun with wannabe rednecks and cowboys...A lot of Good Ol Boys with no brains.

    Ah, we have somewhere like that in England, it's called Trowbridge.

  • Sargon

    Wow, $6,600 damage. Must have been alot of shots fired, or exaggerated claims for insurance ( no, the elders wouldn't commit insurance fraud would they).

  • Matty

    It's now gone up to "Nearly $8,000 damage" now! At this rate it'll be a quarter of a million by the end of the month (edited to say - not that I'm in any way accusing anyone of fraud of course!!

    Church Worries About Rash Of Vandalism

    [email protected]

    DADE CITY - It's a serene building set in the midst of rolling hills and shaded by tall trees, but lately it's been the site of violent vandalism.

    The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Ramsey Road is home to about 140 members - most of whom have been rattled by a series of events that began last month and has caused nearly $8,000 damage.

    ``We're shocked and disheartened that anyone would attack a building that is used as a center of Bible education,'' the church's body of elders said Monday.

    Their first brush with violence came the morning of Jan. 14 when someone fired 13 shots at the building, according to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office. The .22-caliber bullets damaged an air conditioning unit, two outdoor lights and the east wall.

    The latest damage happened overnight Sunday, and this time it was more severe.

    The four doors leading into the church are riddled with bullets and gashes, leaving the blue paint pock- marked. Shots also were fired into exterior concrete walls, interior walls and interior ceiling panels. Handicapped signs were ripped from the parking lot and three security flood lights were shattered by bullets.

    ``Not knowing who or why these attacks are happening has made everyone uneasy,'' the elders said.

    The fear has spread to neighbors, who have been awakened on at least three occasions by the sounds of gunshots in this normally tranquil area. Each time, they have called 911 and notified the church's maintenance supervisor. However, deputies have been unable to find anyone responsible.

    Still, the elders said they are grateful for their neighbors' support, adding that the neighborhood has embraced the church. The escalating situation has some neighbors concerned about their safety, but those interviewed Monday said they will continue to support the congregation.

    Meanwhile, investigators are worried about the reckless nature of the vandalism and the proximity of houses to the church. No one has been injured. Detectives hope to catch those responsible before that changes.

    The church serves two congregations, the elders said, and holds services in Spanish and English. The nearest Jehovah's Witnesses church is on Chancey Road in Zephyrhills, but no vandalism has been reported there, sheriff's officials said.

    The elders aren't certain whether they are being targeted and can't offer a possible motive for the attacks. Aside from safety concerns, they are concentrating on how to pay for the costs of repairs.

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  • RubaDub

    The Redneck thing really gives me the creeps.

    I keep thinking about the movie Deliverance with Burt Reynolds. When I hear "Redneck," I think of the scene where the old guy without teeth has Ned Beaty on the ground in front of him, pulls down his zipper and says, "you got a pretty mouth, boy."

    Chills go down my spine.

    *****Rub a Dub

  • sf

    And I'll just bet that in this community, there has been no news on the jw pedophile paradise.

    'neighborhood embracing them'? They have no klue what or WHOM they are embracing.

    These neighbors are the very people jws preach death and destruction at the hands of jehovah too!! And now there is embracement??

    Just wait until I inform this community of this church and it's criminal HISTORY.

    What a joke...8,000 dollars of damage...hahahahaha!! Liars!


  • sf

    Mail sent to Candace:

    "A recent article you authored has been a posted on a
    Jehovah's Witnesses/ ex jws discussion forum here:


    In the article the elders of this congregation state
    they are perhaps clueless as to a motive.

    This forum may hold key answers to that very question.

    I urge you to further investigate this 'motive' and
    why this particular church.

    Many of us exjws feel this won't be the last kingdom
    hall shot at and damaged.

    There are other stories of vandalism at kingdom halls
    of JWS. You'll find them in the search engines.

    Again, please go further with what I have directed you
    towards...thusly...alert your community as to the
    potential pedophile that COULD be at their door on a
    Saturday morning. >> CHILD ABUSE forum:




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