e-watchman.com: Stafford's Baby?

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  • Noumenon

    I think he tells JW's not to go actively promulgating the views he is espousing on his sight in the congregation because he just knows that is going to get that JW in deep doo-doo with the mullahs (elders). Even though e-watchman feels that the Organisation is going to be judged by Jehovah, and will even collapse entirely, he still feels that it is the religion that Jehovah is using here on earth, despite all it's faults. Thus he encourages concerned JW's to stick with it, but to take the Society's prophetic interpretations, many of which he has rather marvellously exposes as erroneous and hopelessly outdated, with a big pinch of salt. He encourages JW's to concentrate on the good and to use the organisation for any good they can accomplish, but reject the falsehoods.

    I don't see that as necessarily hypocritical of him, but it is highly provocative and he is expecting a lot of the average dub to try and adopt his approach.

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