My apology

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  • pettygrudger
    had been made fun of by some folks on another forum recently who said they hoped I lose everything and said mean things about me.

    So it left me feeling awful and for a while I had harbored resentment that human beings could be so mean in treating me in this way.

    would you care to tell the "rest of the story"?

    I believe you have been feeling bad for awhile Yizuman, and you have used those negative feelings to be very nasty towards other human beings. With everything you've got going on in your life, I can see why you feel so strained & pressured. But, to use those "other people" for your excuse is uncalled for - it isn't fair to them, and you should know this.

    BTW - did you get a chance to review any of those links/phone numbers I gave you? Did any good come from it? I believe a couple of those organizations are quite excellent from what I've heard from other parents - so hopefully they will do you some good as well!

  • Yizuman

    Thanks guys I appreciate the understanding...

    My bro-in-law is picking me up to take me to the Social Security office in the morning to file for my SSI. So wish me luck getting it back since last time back in the 1980s while I was at Center on Deafness my mom applied for my SSI, she had to go through alot of red tape to get it and we had to go to court to plead my case. It took my mom nearly a year for me to get it.

    I hope the system has changed alot so I don't have to go through what my mom had to go through.


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