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  • Yizuman

    I apologize for offending and upsetting people for my stupidity and paranoia that I had reacted wrongly over a thread where some kind and caring people was looking out for me and I responded unkindly to the thread with the thinking I was being made fun of because of my bad situation here at home.

    I had been made fun of by some folks on another forum recently who said they hoped I lose everything and said mean things about me.

    So it left me feeling awful and for a while I had harbored resentment that human beings could be so mean in treating me in this way.

    So when I first saw the post, I wasn't thinking clearly, I reacted wrongly and made a false accusation that I was being made fun of because of my situation.

    My judgement had been clouded by paranoia, depression and anger from what I had endured from mean people.

    I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and I allowed it to cloud my judgement to the point that I totally misunderstood the post for it's intent and when I looked back and re-read the post again, I realized I reacted wrongly and what an idiot I am.

    I reacted to it too fast, I never gave my brain time to adjust to the meaning of the post. I had a emotional knee-jerk response that pretty much later resulted in a foot in the mouth.

    I was wrong. I should have stopped and allowed my brain to register the meaning of the post, but I didn't.

    I can't think clearly as of late because I am depressed, frustrated, upset and worse of all, feeling suicidal.

    One thing I have learned right now is never go back to the other forum. It's full of mean people and I don't want to ever look at that other forum ever again. I learned my lesson.

    Another lesson is to never allow my emotions to rule over my mind because it can have a bad effect on me if I did, in which case the link above is an good example of what happens when I allowed my emotions to cloud my thinking.

    I'm an idiot and I am sorry that I allowed my emotions cloud my thinking. I will do my best to never let that happen again.

    Please accept my apologies.


  • NewLight2

    That's OK, Yiz. I have been very depressed too. I lost a job several years ago that I had had for a long, long time. I felt that I had been fired for the wrong reasons too. I was unable to find work right away and that caused many of the same feelings you are experiencing now. So I know what you must be going through. It is hard to think straight when one is sooo depressed.


  • Debz

    Hey Yiz........We all make mistakes ...don`t worry too much I think you`ve been clear about what happened in this post. Hope things get better for you!!

  • Gizmo

    Hey Yizuman,

    I was just reading the other thread that you apologised about, and look man don't beat yourself up over it, it was NO big deal, I've seen heaps worse in here.

    I am truly sorry to hear of your circumstances, and wish I could help you someway

    There are so many great suggestions you are getting from the people in here that shows how much they care, so try and look at positives and please don't dwell on the negatives, it really doesn't achieve anything except to add onto your depression.

    The way you think makes the world of difference, and people notice it, especially potential employers.

    Here in Australia we have special programs to help find work for people with handicaps. The Government assist by apponting social worker to help find you a job, and assist you at the job while you are learning it, employers receive a subsidy from the govt. towards your wages for something like 6 months, so they are keen to employ people in those circumstances, is there anything like that there in the USA, you could look into? There must be, surely, have someone call a social worker Yizu, and if you can't get to them, they should come to you, they do that here. Worth a try anyway man.

    Look Yizu, I don't know your whole life story, and I just now learnt that you were deaf from the age of 3. Living alone with that kind of handicap shows the strength of your character, I think maybe you have forgotten how brave you really are.

    Please don't give up trying, you never know what's just around the corner.

    Can your parents help a little Yizu? Just till you get back on your feet?

    Like I said I'm not totally familiar with your background or situation so forgive me if I asked something stupid. Keep trying Yizu, someone out there will surely see what a valuable employee you would make.

    My best wishes are with you.

  • Goshawk

    Well Yis,

    There goes any hope of you being of the FDS(tm). You have made a public apology and that is something that the Mouthpiece(tm) class never has done or never will in the forseable future. While the addmitting to human frailties was very good I will have to mark you as Needs Improvment in the weasle-out-of-situation point.

    We look forward to more Presentations from you.

    Goshawk of the flashback class

    PS Hang in there it will get better.

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Goodness, Yiz, how many times MUST you apologize? We all say and do things under 'extreme' or dire situations. But to apologize over and over again is not necessary. You stated your case and reasonable minds will get the drift of your message. Making steps to relieve your problem and seeking help is the normal thing to do when you need help, not bashing. How are things presently working out ?

    Guest 77

  • shera

    Enore the unkind people,they are angry over their own lives and hurting other people ,helps them to feel better.

    Don't call yourself and idiot because you feel you reacted to a situation wrong.We all make mistakes and we will keep doing so.

    take care,okies

  • ugg

    you seem like such a loving and caring person,,,,,don't worry about a will pass...please keep us informed of your will help you release some stress to talk about it...and we care....

  • pr_capone

    Its not a problem Yiz. Dont beat yourself up over it. I didnt even really think twice about it. I hope things work out for you.


  • SheilaM


    Don't worry you got enough on your mind, it was a misunderstanding

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