Beware of the Warmonger

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  • JLOB

    There are people that can only function in conflict. They do thier best work when there is chaos. Some of these leaders accomplish great things for thier nations, some only bring despair.

    Leaders that manage by conflict seek confrontation with others. They constantly create an environment of divergence and seperation. They do not seek unification and peace.

    Beware of this type of leader. Beware of the warmonger.

    Bush is a Warmonger. He leads by conflict. He pefers to function in chaos.

    I am not a Democrat or Replublican. Both party's have had both good and poor leaders.

    Bush is not a good leader, not because he is replublican but because he is blood thirsty and not a man of peace.

    Texas, while under the leadership of Bush, lead the nation in Death Penalty executions.

    Bush does not hesitate to boast how some terroist have been killed. He glorifies in thought of death.

    Bush is advocating WAR and more death.

    I do not support terriost or Iraq, both should be dealt with as a matter of law. When a majority of the world agrees and a resolution is passed then it becomes a matter of law.

    Bush has stated that he will not wait on a resolution, that the US will take matters into their own hands. What gives Bush the right to speak on behalf of a nation, a nation inwhich a majority of it citizen voted against him.

    Bush wants to fight. Bush wants war. He has not clearly stated a case for an offensive move by the US. Every chance he gets he calls for WAR.

    I pray everyday for our country, for our beloved military who will fight so gallantly if called upon.


    I do not discount the probable need to take action against a dictator like Sudam, I just question if a Warmonger and person who seeks chaos and conflict can be the leader we need to see us clearly through this situation. Our closest ally Britain and most other nations do not agree with war at this time, yet Bush pushes on.

    All death comes with a price. Sometimes it is a price a nation must pay, sometimes it is a price too costly for the cause.

    I do not know the answers to Iraq. I do know that I get an uneasy feeling with Bush calling the shots.

    Once again I warn Beware of the Warmonger.

    Pray for Peace


  • roybatty
    I do not discount the probable need to take action against a dictator like Sudam, I just question if a Warmonger and person who seeks chaos and conflict can be the leader we need to see us clearly through this situation.

    Yeah, let's wait until AFTER they get nukes. U-huh that plan worked just perfect when Clinton used it when dealing with the North Koreans some 10 years ago. Great plan Bill!

  • JH

    A world Government is the solution. Let Saddam rule the world

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    JLOB... I have enjoyed all of your previous posts... but I this one I totally disagree. I'm neither a Republican or Democrat and I too pray for peace, but it's funny how people see things entirely different. Freedom isn't free and sometimes you have to do more than just pray to secure peace. Unfortunately, this country will go into Iraq, and when they do, it's going to be interesting to see and hear all of the 'unknown' horror stories of Saddam's brutality. I have no doubt they will also find numerous 'smoking guns'.

  • freedom96

    There has to be information that Bush has that we are not privy to. Do we think that just because we are citizens we are entitled to know everything?

    Here is something very serious to consider. The fact is, there are spies already in Iraq. Military, and CIA. Their position could be compromised if leaks were given that show the proof that everyone is wanting that Saddam has aquired weapons of mass destruction.

    So is it wise for the everyday citizen to insist on info that could kill one of our men over there right now? How selfish is that?

  • heathen

    I agree the US is run by warmongers.At this point I don't think they have the right to tell any other nations what kind of weapons they are allowed to have .The US had it's chance to make a change of power in Iraq during the gulf war but decided not to .I am getting so tired of the campaign of making people paranoid to the point they will eventually declare the US a police state or something, who knows ? They keep trying to give the government more and more power to take away constitutional rights and freedoms.

  • joannadandy
    The US had it's chance to make a change of power in Iraq during the gulf war but decided not to

    You're damn right they did. And they didn't take it. In fact they encouraged Saddam to stay alive and gas more Kurds and Shitte muslims. Why? Doesn't our government generally encourage factions and people to rise up and overthrow bad leaders...why didn't they this time? Because they were afraid if Shittes came to power in Iraq they might merge with Iran and then the US would lose it's toe hold in the middle east. The US used to love Saddam. He is not a religious zealot so he was much safer to keep around than most. In fact in 1988, we were still pulling for Saddam. It was only in 1990 that we quit pulling for him. It's amazing how yesterdays alli becomes tomorrows horrible dictor. We only keep the dicators we want around.

    Meanwhile 5,000 children a month die in Iraq. But no one gives a flying fart about them. This is about American wounded pride.

    We as a nation are deluding ourselves about this war. September 11 th came as a direct result of the first Gulf War. Why we thinking dropping more bombs on an impoverished and starving victimized people is going to help anything is beyond me.



    Why exactly have you labeled Bush as a warmonger???? Because of this ONE situation?

  • kril

    Sloan can you at least consider the huge loss of life this war would cost?
    The mainstream news will cover the loss of life from the U.S side but what about the thousands of Iraqi soldiers that are required to join the military and fight the U.S? What about the Iraqi boys that will have their familys killed or tortured if they defect? I say we change our politics even if it means we won't be a superpower any longer. It isn't sensible to fight a cruel human like Saddam when he sends his own young men to be sacrificed in a pointless war that he will not win. Now consider the civilian life that will likely be lost and I think it compounds and amplifies the point that this war should be diverted till we gain some international cooperation.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Begining last Thursday on channel 375 on the Satellite dish they had a program titled, "Shifting Sands" and was hosted by the former UN inspector Riddell.

    He, along with others of the news correspondents wanted to have this video aired, but instead got fired! This information is kept from the American public. In short, you can see actual footage of weapons were being destroyed and the medical help the people of Iraq need.

    The UN inspectors were told to doctor their report but they wouldn't. If, your able to view this program, please do.

    Guest 77

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