Why isn't the Watchtower the true religion?

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    Then just do this:

    So, why isn't the Watchtower "the Truth". Because it elevates its own publications to equal status, or higher, than the Bible. Ask any elder for the answer to a question and he will have to refer to the bound volumes, not the Bible. If he does turn to the Bible, it will only be through the "guidance" of the magazines. Jesus' followers recognised the "truth" by what he said. We can do the same. That's what I'd point out to your friend.

    ALWAYS focus on the Dub's loyalty to the organisation.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Ozzie, other religions are christian - kindness, and especially in the face of any personal loss, is christian.

    • "I want kindness" (J.C.)
    • "Kindness is my religion (Dalai Lama)


    How about the very foundation of jwism being antichrist - anti-God. Darkness of thought relates to the way the 'world' does things (the way jws do things) - earnings, payments, receiving your 'fair' desserts, achieving fineness. They judge, treat and deal with people in such terms. The kingdom isn't like that.

    God is about giving to good and bad alike, and it's due to their dysfunctional relationship with the universe that they need to find out and appease the imaginary beast, and work at becoming a hero in their adventure.

    People become heroes when they sacrifice self for kindness - when they sacrifice even eternity for the good toward other, like the soldier who knows not his eternal fate, but does the most good he can anyway - or when someone trusts in God the ninety-nine to seek the goodness of the one - certainly not when they work at earning a coveted hero status.

    They can only desire it and say that they have it. It's not until one is willing to give up ALL, for the sake of kindness - " any of you who does not relinquish all he has cannot be my disciple " (i.e. learn of my discipline, my way - which is not like the way of this world)


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  • ClassAvenger

    I think there is no one true religion, but there are sure many that are wrong in what they teach and do. I believe that understanding everything from the bible, and following like God wants us to is the "true religion". Believing in Christ is the only thing that can save us. It's not that being a Christian is the "true religion", but they are the ones that follow the bible the closest and with a full understanding of it, not straying from the scriptures or twisting them to their own way. A religion won't save you, but it can surely sink you. It's your faith, what you know, and what you do. My thoughts.

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    The 607/587 issue is pretty good evidence. Since their chronology that allegedly proves their special status with god is anchored on the wrong date, their claim to be the true religion is invalid.

    Really what it comes down to, though, is that the JW has to prove that he has the true religion. The burden of proof is on him, not on a non-believer. Ask him (if he was raised a JW) would he believe this stuff (especially in the light of the failed prophecies and other blunders) if he was an outsider looking in, or if he was not raised a JW.


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