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  • aarque

    My husband smoked two packs a day for nearly 30 years. A four years ago he underwent hypnotism to help him quit. It helped...he's never touched a cigarette since, and has no desire to smoke. It's been four years.

  • shera

    I'm with you Scully...took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    see it's not hypnotism... the secreat is in the ventilation system at the Kingdom Halls. They emit small microscopic spores in the air ..that cause your mind to be more moldable thats why they are always insisting you come to meeting 3 times a week and service because a good few hours on a regular schedule being exposed to the spores in the air make it so they can more efctively asimulate you!!!!!!! AltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermindAltermind <----they want to do this to us! beware!!!

    ~Cassandra Cain~

  • seven006


    I will take that offer to make a correction and observation about what you said. First of all hypnotism IS possible! I have done it many times. If it wasn't possible then some pretty smart people I know acted like complete idiots on cue and voluntarily, in full conscientiousness, and made total asses out of themselves.

    Have you ever heard someone talk in their sleep? Have you ever talked to someone who is talking in their sleep? Have you ever seen someone sleep walk? Have you ever helped that someone back to bed and have them tell you in the morning they have no recollection of the whole thing? Well, that's kind of what hypnotism is. If you talk to someone in their sleep and they answer you, you have gained a tiny bit of control over their mind while they are in a state of slumbered conscientiousness. One main difference between that and hypnotism is, the hypnotist puts the person in that state of deep sleep and then controls their mind to a certain point. Done by the right person it can be very helpful. Done by someone like me who just likes to play with it, it can be very entertaining. Give me a person who talks in their sleep and I'll have them under and dancing around the room in their underwear in no time. I'm kind'a bad that way.

    As far as the programing goes, hell yes our little minds were programed as young JW robots. We bought hook line and sinker the thoughts contrived by the story book, the bible, by it's writers as well as the boys in Brooklyn. We accepted all that bull as fact just as we bought into their concepts of love, happiness, obedience, sex, right and wrong and good and evil. It was all hard wire programed into us just as our native language, reading and writing, math, and how to wipe our little butts were. When you wake up one day and come to a conscientious realization that some of what you have been taught is bullshit, it tweaks your absolutes and definitives about everything you have learned and you come to a place like this board to find out there are others as messed up as you are.

    As little kids you don't know enough to see something as bullshit or not. You tend to believe in talking snakes and humanity destroying fruit trees. You think your stuffed animals can really feel and hear you. You think Godzilla does live in Japan and that dirt is good to eat after you have washed it a little. As an adult, if you gain any ability to use your own brain and think for yourself without worrying if it is going to piss off your mommy and daddy you tend to wake up and smell the cow pies, then you start to examine and reject some of what mommy and daddy told you was true.

    Yes, hard wired programing as a child is difficult to erase from your brain. That's why they invented Jack Daniel's and alike, to help cloud the old shit and help you replace it with new shit that makes a little more sense. Find me a talking snake and I will take back everything I have said and join a church in my neighborhood. Preferably one that has a sense of humor.


  • think41self

    Hi Dave

    Just wanted to say nice to see you....er, hear from you.

    Hypnosis works, I've seen it myself plenty of times. I've done it on a couple of people, need to get a little more practice.

    So you use it as a party ice breaker, and on ex-girlfriends, eh?

    By the way Dave..............................................................................................................................................

    you are getting verrrrrrrrrrry sleepy, now pull your underwear up over your head and howl like a coyote for me.


  • Warrigal

    Better than hypnotism....sit near the front of the hall where the speaker can see you clearly. Stare at him and frown especially when he cites a scripture. Keep that up for most of the meeting and you can rattle the heck out of them.

    Change expression from frowning to aghast. Shake head slowly. Look incredulous. The trick is to leave the meeting immediately afterward so that he won't have a chance to ask you why you were giving him those looks.

    By the end of the talk you can reduce the speaker to a quivering shell of a dub.


  • seven006


    You know I don't post much anymore. The board seems to have been taken over by a new group of crazy people who I don't have the time to get to know. All the old posters seem to have moved on to normal things in life. I'm doing more 3D work lately and in-between render times I come her to read a little. Once in a while I post something but I pretty much have lost interest in this place. It's not like the good old days. I haven't seen Robert post for a long time. I don't think the men in the white coats let him on line much any more.

    Life goes on.

    Big hug,


  • TR


    What did the hypnotism for your husband cost?


    I like your method! Think I'll try it.


  • Marcos


    Thanks for the info. I have very little experience in the area. I went to a hypnotist once. I was interested in being hypnotized in order to access a foriegn language that I had spoke well in the past. I had to be a translator for a specific event. Can't say I was hypnotized. Results were virtually non-existant and I remember the whole session. I should state that I WANTED TO BE HYPNOTIZED.

    I guess it is true that people with a lower I.Q. can't be hypnotized (or is it the other way around?) I am convinced of programming. As has been mentioned, almost all of us here have direct experience in the area. I guess my doubt is more along the lines of what hypnotizm really is.

    I am aware of what many people say and write about it and about how it can be induced. I just wonder if what we are talking about are essentially the same thing.

    Thanks for the response.


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