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  • stephenw20

    "BLoodless medicine" is a term used by hospitals for the therapy , not meant to mean blood is not involved.


  • hawkaw

    Yes I agree and I also agreed with your previous post. I also agree that this type of therapy also consists of lasers clotting the blood during surgery, giving other IV solutions etc.

    But I wanted to point out the problem - the term "bloodless medicine". The WT has "spun" this term and everyone thinks that no blood transfusions are involved. This is false and you are one of the few who know it.

    JWs and the press and everyone else seems to get suckered into thinking that bloodless medince means no blood transfusions. This is the furtherest thing from the truth and it gives JWs false hope.


  • messenger

    i do not wish to give a misconception here. i support what lee elder is trying to do, yet this video appears to be a real blow to anything major happening soon. this video was being done when insiders were making the claim of getting something done for reform. it evidently was a lie, i feel this is a message from wt to see the real picture. people on the inside pretend to be supportive of what lee elder is trying to do and the reality is they are just gathering information to benefit wt. surely many on the inside knew of this video coming out, yet not one word in advance of it coming out. courious isen't it. i smell a rat.

  • stephenw20

    I get the impression from this and other doctrinal issues , there is a state of confusion within the JWS..that the R&F just go to the five meetings a week out of routine and habit ,
    but put on the spot on any issue with their own printed material they just yell

    WATCHTOWER>or Mommy!(no offense Wendy)

  • hawkaw


    You said "insiders were making the claim of getting something done on reform. it evidently was a lie".

    Who are you talking about? Are their HLC members who are on this board who knew the video was coming out?
    You do realize that in Canada anyway, Zenon and his "HIS" are always doing presentations to the Hospitals and doctors using the same old "bloodless medicine con" and the "abstain from blood stuff" con. These "HIS" and "HLC" guys carry around books that they hand out to explain the policy to judges and doctors. They have seminars on how to handle situations and there are presentations. What you have described in the video is the same presentations that these HIS guys have made in the past to doctors - so why would this video be a big deal?

    Also who exactly is lying?

    I also don't know that gathering information from Lee Elder could benifit them. With a HIS that reviews over 3,600 journals and has a number of doctors and lawyers, don't you think they already had Lee's scientific information. All Lee and others (who I thank kindly) have done is expose it. The only way the WT benifits from Lee Elder is if they shut him up (and in a free country that ain't happening). Once exposed there is nothing more that can be done - just ask the tabacco companies.


  • Tina

    Well said!!!1 Tina

  • Gozz

    All the talk about "bloddless medicine" is a sham. HemoPure reeks of blood. It is blood in use. There si nothing bloodless about the "accepted" fractions. Albumin is bloodfull. Haemophilia factor VIII is bloodful...

    There can be no consistency with the Medical Research being funded along with the hardliner stance that this video seems to support. Eventually, the effosts of the opposition will come to bear on the policies; all barriers to accepting blood will be broken down. The best expected is to totally move the acceptance of blood products into the region of personal conscience. But of course, there will also be a suggestion about what a "mature Christian" should do. We await such a time. In the mean time, all lovers of bible truth are waiting to see the direction the Society will take in the blood matter as the results of the various medical researches unfold.

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