My 6th grade girlfriend

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  • meadow77

    LOL @ JES- Honestly I was wondering the same thing!

    Welcome to the board Sheryl.

  • Valis

    Sheryl...welcome to the board..Its always nice to see bright spots in someone's past where all else looks like s shambles with family and old friends. Got any dirt on Mulan you wanna spill? We'll pay you know.. Welcome again and I hope you get as much out of this site as I have.

    *LOL* Jes...I thought the same thing....hmmm maybe Princess is adopted ....*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • Jesika

    Welcome to the board Sheryl!!!!!!!!!

    Good to know I wasn't the only one that thought Mulan liked girls LOL.

  • LyinEyes

    Wow , Mulan this is a wonderful story. Welcome Sheryl, I got to learn a little about Sharon from what Mulan has posted about her and have seen pictures and even childhood pics. Mulan really loved her and I am sure you showing back up into her life, brings Sharon back a little bit too.

    Yesterday, Mulan, would have been my mothers birthday , Feb 2, ( groundhog day lol) she would have been 53. I need a hug............

    But I swear I would love to find someone who knew my mom way back then, and could tell me more about her, or some ex jw who knew her would make me feel good about sharing the memory of someone everyone seems to have forgotten about. It feels good that others remember the ones we have lost , even those who are still alive but consider us dead, it is good to talk to someone who is from your "hometown" so to speak.

    Again, this is a blessing to find each other after all this time. I have someone I would love to find, but it has been hard finding her,,,,,,,,, I will keep my hopes up that we will met again, we were best friends from ages, 6 to 13, inseperable. I miss that girl so much, she was always there for me , thru all the troubles at home and she made my childhood a little easier , I could always go to Tammy's to get away from it all. We would pour on the Hawaian Tropic, love that coconut smell, and lay out by her pool. Talking about the boys we thought were cool, listening to the radio, sneaking out of her house late at night to sit on the roof, all the dreams we had of getting out of our homes. I will always and forever be close to her , no matter how much time goes by,,,,,,,,,she and I were soul mates and sisters ,,,,,,,,I think I am going to going to try and find her thru some other ways , now.

    Thanks for the inspiration,,,,,,,,,, Mulan you are always an inspiration to me. Princess is so lucky to have you as a mom. God, I can't stop crying, now,,,,,,,,,, hugsssssss , to Sheryl and Mulan...damn this is a great story.

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