A Reason to Return to Sunday Meetings

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  • dobby

    I'm glad you all liked my post and I hope you had a wonderful Sunday! I know I did today. Too bad it's back to work tomorrow. Oh well. Always workin' for the weekend I guess. (yikes! I just had an 80's "Loverboy" flashback).

    Gordy - what do you mean? God is everywhere in my "leisure" filled Sundays. God is the positive things in my life. The energy and rebirth that gives me the strength to face a new week. I count my blessings and feel deeply grateful for all the reasons I have to live. Happy, restful Sundays are celebratory and can only bring God praise.

  • kelpie

    Sunday mornings I used to be woken up from my sleep by my father with a cup of hot chocolate (which was nice) and then told to do my watchtower.. our meeting was at 10am so there goes most of your day..

    living very close to the KH we would always get the speaker back for lunch .. it was usually 2 or 3pm before he left.. there goes sunday..

    now i sleep in and dont get up til 10 or 11.. have a lazy brunch and then spend it doing what ever i want.

    kelps (who loves her sleep ins)

  • cruzanheart

    We had a lovely Sunday. Today in Dallas it was a balmy, if slightly windy, 80 degrees Farenheit, and I got up around 7:30 because my bassets were dancing around and whining to go out. Then I fixed myself a large cup of coffee, got the Sunday paper, had a donut, and read for a while. One child wandered downstairs, hair all tousled, and requested cinnamon toast. Big Tex got up and made a cup of tea. After showers the kids played outside in the glorious sunshine while I started cooking a chicken for our lunch guest, Elsewhere. We had a great afternoon eating, drinking and talking. I even had time to make homemade ice cream and cookies. The kids went at separate times to friend's houses in the neighborhood. The dogs alternately played and slept.

    I love days like that. Simple yet eminently satisfying. Unless I get Alzheimer's like my mother, I hope to look back when I'm old and remember beautiful days like this one.

    And now to bed!


  • blacksheep

    "But where is God? You never mentioned Him on your now leisure filled Sundays."

    Good reply dobby. My thoughts, I know where He's *not*. He's not sitting up there "blessing" a boring meeting where a single speaker drones on for 45 minutes, followed by a "bible study" where someone reads WT propaganda, one paragraph at a time, and people "participate" in a canned joke of a question and answer session, where the questions are scripted and so are the answers.

  • zev

    interestingly enough, in one congregation i was in for a time our sunday meetings were at 7:30 AM

    also interesting was our attendence was 150%

    go figure!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Zev, most interesting... it sounds like the prevailing attitude was ``let's suck it up, assuage our guilt, get it over with and have the rest of the day to ourselves.''

  • Swan

    Sunday afternoon meetings sucked! Morning meetings were hard, but at least you had the rest of the day to enjoy after they were done with. Sunday afternoon meetings basically meant the weekend was over. About 1:30 we had to take our baths and get dressed up and go to the 3:00 talk. We got home about 6:00 after all the chatting was over with and then it was supper, Disney, and off to bed. Yuk!

    The Sunday meetings were bad enough, but then you had two Circus ASSemblies a year that ate up the whole weekend! The only good thing about them was that we didn't have to go out in the service on Saturday (and watching the ducks). They eventually shortened one of those into a special event day, but I wasn't really very active by then. Circus ASSemblies! Double Yuk!


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