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  • crossroads

    Emyrose-what a great-great name-have to file that one away
    just in case the Lord should bless me with a little girl
    someday. Please never-never-never-say that you won't
    get over something you will. It won't happen all at once
    just a little at a time. Never is too negative a word the way
    you are using it.I heard a line the other day."Fear is a dark
    room where the negatives are developed". Make sure those
    negatives get over exposed come into the light.
    Suggestion pray for HIS spirit to be with you-turn to 1John
    and just read. It worked for me. Praise the Lord
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • Introspection

    Hi Emy and welcome. I have to agree with Mark on the point about "never say never." While it is true that we cannot erase history, it is also true that the future is not set in stone yet. We take something away with us but it doesn't have to keep draining us, in fact I think it's fair to say that some have been empowered by the experience. I do agree with you that sometimes it is best to cry, not only can it be comforting but I think allowing ourselves to feel however we feel is an important part of healing.

  • Introspection

    Here are the lyrics to a song I've enjoyed, it's not a song about joy but I appreciate what it has to say. It has to do with this matter of finding meaning I think. This is from the Pilgrim album:

    Inside Of Me
    by Eric Clapton and Simon Climie

    The point on the water, there's a change in the air,
    A vibe in the darkness but there's nobody there.
    I look for the reason but there's nothing to see,
    Just a hole in my memory where my mind used to be.


    Tell me why
    Can I find no relief in my heart.
    I reside
    In a world that has fallen apart.

    Out of my mind, baby, show me a sign, baby,
    Show me a way to get back on time, please.
    Where do we go, baby, how will I know?
    Who holds the key, is it hidden inside of me?

    But why should I worry and why do I care
    When this road that I walk on is going nowhere.
    I stand and I study every face in the crowd,
    See the fear in their eyes, they must be thinking out loud.


    Scratching the surface, it all looks the same;
    A world full of anger with no one to blame.
    But who can I turn to? Who holds the key?
    And who has the answer? I think it's inside of me.



  • crossroads

    Another Clapton fan-tickets on sale tommorow for
    Clapton at AWA I'll be in line
    Emyrose-loving that name more all the time

  • Kismet

    I am certain those versions mentioned above of Wonderful World are superb, for me nothing beats the soulful intropective sound of the great one, Mr. Louis Armstrong belting out those lyrics....sigh...

    Just one man's opinion.


  • emyrose

    Hi everyone,
    Thankyou for all your uplifting words.
    Crossroads, let me clarify what I mean by
    never getting over the pain. No matter what
    we do that part of our lives will always exist.
    Maybe in time the pain will lessen but not cease
    to be. I think that our lost years are not something
    to take lightly. We need to realize what was done to us.
    We have every right to be angry and must work to prevent
    others from losing their lives to JW's. I don't think we
    have the right to impose anything on anyone but if we know
    they are in danger we have the responsibility to warn them.
    Although I don't know exactly what would be the appropriate
    way to warn them, I feel at least we need to speak out clearly
    about evil that's being committed. Love demands that we warn
    as many as possible. Never forget how much pain the ORG. perpetrates.
    Worried and concerned, Emyrose

  • crossroads

    Emyrose-I also believe we should do any and everything
    we can to help dismantel this evil oganization. But you
    personally must trully forgive them so you can stop
    living in the past and pain-there is an other thread about
    forgiveness going go to it and read it. There is stuff on
    this site from Carolyn Myss dealing with pain and wounds.
    Ask StephenW he'l be glad to show you stuff from her. You
    need to let new thoughts in and let go of the old destructive
    ones. Stephen post a lot of her stuff C.M. just so you know
    there is a lot of it roaming around here.
    Peace and Love-Mark

  • Gopher


    Thanks for posting the "Wonderful World" lyrics.


    Can you make that "two men's opinion?". I just love hearing old Satchmo croon that tune!


  • stephenw20



    "No matter what
    we do that part of our lives will always exist.
    Maybe in time the pain will lessen but not cease
    to be. I think that our lost years are not something
    to take lightly. We need to realize what was done to us.
    We have every right to be angry and must work to prevent
    others from losing their lives to JW's."

    Yes Emy , you are rigth we do have every reason , no one can take it away.............but here is the thing...........THE ANGER serves no one well, not you ....not those you are angry with not your spirtual growth . I too recommend you find the thread on forgiveness in the Mental health section.

    Personally , I blamed the JWS for many things that were not ACTUALLY their fault. It was others who BELIEVED in the teachings. THese ones made concious decisons to believe as perhaps you or I did. SHould there be anger yes , should you say could of, would of , should of......yes..........for a period of time.

    Our bodies as I mentioned before are designed to HEAL . if we had an open flesh wound for years we would die from disease. Yet so many are extremely comfortable with the idea it s OK to carry these internal wounds with us. THey serve no purpose , but to realize , We learned a valuble lesson, and after all what else is our purpose here on this earth, but to learn.

    When we are close to a situation , it is hard to get perspective , but pulling back a great distance lets us see , these thing s happen for the learning of our SPIRIT , they are not designed to harm us. When we can get past an event issue, an idea we have been PERSONALLY HURT, we GROW ...we have no choice , but to grow......and our lives change.

    IF we say we TRUST god and then dont understand how this can happen, do we really trust him or are we just saying we have faith.
    Trusting in him ,means we WONT get the ANSWER to WHY , as long as we need it...and then when we dont need it anymore...... we get the perspective we need to see why it may have happened or why someone is in our life.....

    Emy, I do agree, we should warn others, just keep in mind when we had our firm beliefs , we wanted to be right and had a lot of toruble seeing anything derrogatory about the JW.

    I do battle daily witth his and I can say its not easy, but I do learn a lot.

    Peace and love EM


  • stephenw20


    this one always get a response form the spirit within and around me....

    Broken Hearted
    by Eric Clapton and Greg Phillinganes

    When the wind blows down this hard,
    Many a bond is broken.
    See the water lie on the ground
    From where the heavens opened.

    Lord, how will you get through this night
    With your dreams departed?
    And who alone will comfort you?
    Only the broken hearted.

    So you've gone beyond your means,
    Every wound is open,
    Your best laid plans are out of reach,
    And all your fears unspoken.


    Sweet revenge is spoken then;
    In the twilight it is gone.
    To living lies with no escape,
    Lord, I would rather be alone.

    I press my fingers to the wood
    To tell you of my dreaming,
    To sing you songs from olden times,
    To keep the love light gleaming.

    'Cause there's a place where we can go,
    Where we will not be parted.
    And who alone will enter there?
    Only the broken hearted.

    Only the broken, broken hearted.
    Only the broken, broken hearted.
    Only the broken, broken hearted.
    Only the broken, broken hearted.

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