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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Not even Watchtower's top leadership is willing to stand in front of a learned audience and answer pointed questions about its blood taboo. The reason is simple enough: the whole thing is utterly indefensible.

    This nonsense about "major" this and "minor" that is a perfect example. Today's Jehovah's Witnesses can and do accept a blood product known as cryo-poor plasma (also termed cryosupernatant). This blood product is 99% of plasma and comprises more than 50% of whole blood. Yet Jehovah's Witnesses accept transfusion of this blood product, and for one reason: Watchtower's blood policy does not forbid it under pain of its organized communal shunning program.

    See: Over 96% Accept 99%!

    Watchtower's blood doctrine is one of the biggest lies the organization has ever involved itself with. It has killed Jehovah's Witnesses by the thousands!

    "It is estimated that approximately 1000 Jehovah’s Witnesses die annually worldwide and as many as 100,000 may have died by abstaining from blood transfusions since the blood ban was introduced in 1945."--Welsh, The Management of Adult Jehovah’s Witnesses in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Australian Anaesthesia 2011, p. 125

    See also: More than 50,000 dead


  • Vidiot

    They don't put you through a JC and DF you for taking a transfusion.

    Now, it's simply considered a "disassociating" act, like whistleblowing.

    This is a list of things that I fully expect to expand in the near future, BTW.

  • Vetro
    Wait wait wait, The Society now allows JWs to make a choice to have major fractions like PACK RED BLOOD CELLS? Do we have any documentation on this from the society???
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Lee Elder is the expert on this, but if you ask the random JW, they will say they do not take hwole blood or bloods "main components" like red blood cells, plasma, white cells, and whatever the 4th is. Whole blood can leave the body and come back as long as it is part of a "current therapy" which has various definitions.

    The most notable change that is really under the radar, is that rarely are people disfellowshipped for this anymore. Basically they were told to lay off people. All you have to do is be under duress when you took the blood, and you are free and clear. Even if you aren't, it would take quite a bit for them to make a major issue of it. Why? Good question. I am not certain.

    My theory is that if it hit the news, it would appear JW's are forbidding their member certain types of medical treatment, which would continue to flame the fires of reconsidering them a legitimate religion in most civilized countries.

    It is the golden nail in their coffin......and they are stuck with it. Even if they reversed it, the deaths of many memebers and poorly written and conceived previous articles martyring others, would bite them. Their acceptance of fractions in their mind did away with 99% of their problem.

    I call this the life insurance doctrine. Its something you never think about until you need to. It seems so far off, and not a big deal, until its your family. Until its you. Until it becomes real that it is quite literally life and death. Its easy for people to say "well they are alive in Jehovahs memory as faithful servants", until you are looking at your child figting every natural instinct you have. And in reasoning with others from that place, you can come off as fanatical, because its so emotional. i have found this out the hard way.

    Its a difficult subject to breach, even though it is EASY to disprove.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder
    The WTS current policy is that no one is "disfellowhipped" for taking a forbidden blood therapy. In fact, it is not considered a matter for a judicial committee. Instead, two elders are appointed to investigate the matter and speak with the individual. If the person admits to having taken the forbidden blood therapy voluntarily and without remorse, an announcement is made to the congregation that they are no longer one of JWs. Technically, they are disassociated. The effect is the same as disfellowshipping and the reality is that the person does not even have the benefit of a hearing anymore. How this works out in individual cases is going to vary widely depending on the individuals involved. There is apparently no appeal rights since no hearing took place. Its really more Orwellian than the old process when it comes right down to it.
  • Crazyguy
    It's perfectly exceptable for one to take cow's blood too!!!!
  • millie210

    And dont forget about the form parents can sign so their kids can take blood.

    that is as of 2012

  • Vetro
    So basically we have no documents from the watchtower allowing followers to recieve major blood fractions? There's gotta be something, like a letter to the Elders of congregations or something.

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