Ottawa Citizen on WT Paedophile Problem

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  • expatbrit
  • blondie

    Yay Kim, Lady Lee, and Mouthy. Keep up the good work and keep us posted as to the results.


  • safe4kids

    Thanks Expat for posting this.

    ((((((((all those involved))))))) Thank you for speaking out for all those who are unable to do so.



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  • expatbrit

    Dana, please check your mail. Thanks.

  • safe4kids

    Got it, thanks.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yeah Tahnks for posting that

    Now gotta see if I can get an Ottawa Citizen

  • Seven

    He said that any large organization will include some people who molest children.-Thomas

    So on one hand he says the harbouring of pedophiles is a gross exaggeration, then turns around and admits that any large org will include child molestors. Yeah, right. One living on borrowed time. Sounds like he's describing an org in deep sauce and on it way out. Time to pay the piper, boys. Society isn't going to tolerate your lies any longer. Get the cells ready.

    Good on all those seeking justice.

    love, seven

  • Valis
    In the documentary, CBC Television told the story of Mike Moss, who was repeatedly molested by his Jehovah's Witness Bible teacher

    This one line struck me...can you imagine studying and actually reading along with someone who was sexually assaulting you? "OK Billy, read chapter one then come over here and sit in my lap..." Yuck! One can definitely see the dementia setting in from early on..." be a good christian Billy, read your watchtower then come and *&^% my *%#@..." And my parents wonder why I don't want my kids in a Kingdom Hall?


    District Overbeer

  • acsot

    Yeah!!!! Congratulations Kim, Lee and Grace! I'm at an internet cafe right now and am on my way to the International Newstand to pick up the Ottawa Citizen (I hope).

    Way to go!

  • outnfree

    Clive Thomas spews:

    "The issue is how we handle it," he said. "We don't shield anybody who has committed a crime."

    The issue, indeed, is HOW YOU "HANDLE IT", Mr. Thomas! WRONGLY is how. AMORALLY is how. In some places ILLEGALLY is how.

    "We don't shield anybody who has committed a crime." -- LIAR!!!!


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