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  • oldcrowwoman

    I am new on the site. Taking my time in connecting. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was in the org. 14 years. My daughters and I recoverying from abuses from the org. I am not conected to any religious org. I have no desire to either. I experienced heavy consequences for my involvement with jw's, shunning from friends and family. Particularily my oldest being estranged 5 years. I never had hope of reconnecting with her. Never allow that for self. I could'nt set my self up. After her first child she took the risk and sent me a card and stating I could be with my Gandson for the afternoon. As its turned out . I have connection with her and husband and 4 children.

    I told her if she ever goes away again that I need to know. She can be disfellowshipped having contact with me. She's willing to take the risk. Never thought that would happen. Its 7 years now.

    I divorced my husband(abuser). Single person I love my freedom . I don't take for granted in alot of ways. I work in the ER county hospital. I enjoyed job and to work with diversity. Jw's do come. But I am not acknowledge. Every one is treated respectfully.

    I am active in the Gay and Lesbian communilty, sobriety , survivor groups and women's spirituality group. Artist working with nature. Spending time with my Grand kids and family. My focus in the future is to put my energy in helping SilentLambs in Minnesota and on a granduer scheme of things. Hope to hear from others. oldcrowwoman

  • mouthy

    If this come up twice Sorry- I dont know what happened the previous post disappeard... Dah...I am the granny on board I will be 76 in May. I was in the WT for over 20+ years ( over 20 baptized 4 years studying)I was DF because I dont believe Jesus came invisibly in 1914.You can hear my testimony on the link below-Welcome to our" Happy Dome "

  • Mum

    Welcome, copsec and oldcrowwoman.

    Oldcrowwoman, did I meet you at the silentlambs march in Brooklyn? I met someone from Minnesota and we talked quite a bit.


  • oldcrowwoman

    Hi Sandra:

    I met so many wonderful people. It was overwhelming to remember names. Please refresh my memories. Give a description of self and where were you from? Yes I was the only one from Minnesota. That was a powerful experience in Brooklyn. I could write a story from the time I left Mn to New York. and with the experiences shared. Hope to hear from you soon. You go by Mum on the forum. All the Best, Kathi

  • Goshawk

    Welcome, copsec and oldcrowwoman.
    May your time here prove to be interesting, educational and productive for yourselves.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hi Copsec:

    Welcome to the board, and glad to see you here. Currently live in Texas. I was raised a Witness, but left when I was 20 or so. Not baptized. I also live in the country with endless critters (guineas, chickens, an emu, horses, parrots, cats and fish! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

    Country Girl

  • garybuss

    Hi Paula, Welcome! I am an adult child of Witness parents. I am 58 and live near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA with the mother of my 4 sons. I quit unpaid religious book distribution and fundraising for the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation in 1974.

    After being ostracized by agents of the Publishing Corporation, I disfellowshipped them all in 1995. None have applied for reinstatement.

    I pity the Witness children and I am glad to see so many of them escaping. I just wish they did not have to be abused as a reward for being abused.

    Exposing the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation must be much like trying to sink a ship filled with people I care about who don't want the ship to sink. It has not been a very rewarding work for me.

    I look forward to reading more of your story. gary

    The Way I See it

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hi Copsec and Welcome!!!

    I'm 47, originally from Connecticut, moved to Tn. in 1995, was divorced up north in 1994 and re-married in 1996 after meeting "Tinkerbell" my wife. We have 2 dogs and 2 birds, no children, live north of Nashville. Tinkerbell is born and raised in Tn. We DA'ed in 1999, and are very happy!

    Look forward to reading more of your posts, again, WELCOME!!

    CC Ryder


    Well, I was not raised a JW. I am originally from Atlantic Canada. (Born in Ontario, but didn't stay there).

    Started studying with the JWs in 1976. This was in New Brunswick (a Canadian province). I attended my first meeting in the fall of 1976.

    1977, I really got into the organization. I went to my first assembly March 1977. I studied for a long time, and went out in service for the first time in September of 1979. I moved out of home (my family, non-believers) and into a nearby city, and finishing my high school there.

    I was baptized in April 1981. Had some nagging doubts, but had my own personal issues to deal with as well. Yet, I somehow hung in there. I nearly left the organization in the late fall of 1981.

    Fall of 1982, I move to northern New Brunswick. I attend a rural based congregation. I did plenty of auxiliary pioneering there.

    Eventually, I left eastern Canada and moved to Toronto (where I am today). I attended a congregation in western Toronto (Etobicoke/Mississauga area). This was 1983.

    I auxiliary pioneered there during the fall of 1983. This is when I was readying myself to leave the organization. I became inactive, stopped going to meetings and almost disappeared off the JW radar map.

    Spring 1984 (April/May), I met with the elders about 'my reason to leave'. I'll assume I am DF'd.

    Almost 19 years later, here I am. Today I work in the hospitality industry, or better known as a bartender/waiter person. I am 40, and doing pretty damn good. Enjoying my life. Have great friends, and have had many great opportunities to travel worldwide.

    This is a rough sketch, but I wouldn't want to bore the pants off of anybody.

    Welcome to the forum Copsec.

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  • Yerusalyim


    Welcome to the Forum. I live in South Carolina. I'm originally from Southern Illinois. I have step kids that live in MO, Pacific, Mo to be exact. Where abouts do you live in MO? WELCOME!

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