I am friggen huge, (trying a new style diet)

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    Hey Jelly, I certainly wish you the very best with this new diet.

    I know all too well, how difficult it is to lose a bit of weight. What drives me mental, is trying to cut down my fat intake. I am not obese, but my cholesterol levels, are not good, and at my age, I have to be careful.

    My grandmother who is 84, says 'no matter what she eats, or what exercise she performs, her cholesterol level is either the same or goes up'. What makes me laugh is when she says: "it's in the air".

    I've tried some diets, but well...we'll wait and see how you do with yours. Goodness knows at this time of year, especially in northern lattitudes, inactivity settles in. I can hardly wait for spring.

    Best of luck Jelly.

  • copsec

    Good Luck Jelly!!! I am trying to lose weight too. What has really helped me is my exercise routine. I walk two miles every other day and on the days I don't walk I use my stair stepper for 30 minutes. After I do one of those, I do 50 stomach crunches and then I work out with light arm weights. I highly recommend Tony Little's Upper Body Workout Video. He is annoying but the exercises are great and go from beginner to advanced. I have been doing this for a month and already seeing good results. Now I just have to cut back on junk food (I am an ice cream junkie) and then I'll be doing REALLY good. So hang in there Jelly, you can DO IT!!!

  • calamityjane

    Hey Jelly, glad to hear you'd like to get healthy. My husband to weighed in at 300 lbs a couple of years ago. It was a News Year resolution to lose weight that year. So we first put him on the cabbage soup diet for a week. He lost 17 pounds that week. Well that was jumpstart to his weight loss. From that week on I started cooking low fat, cut out a lot of the oil and butter, chicken wings every second weekend. Because he had started to lose weight he had more energy to exercise. He would go on the treadmill every day. Start to do light weight lifting. On the first Tuesday of every month he would weigh in. Every month there was a good 8 to 10 pound weight loss by Christmas of that year he had lost 130 pounds. He looked awsome, and felt great.

    And he still looks great. He is a lot more fun to be with because he's more active. We bike and hike and have a great.... time.. He kept a diary of what he ate and his weight loss progress and he still has that diary.

    Good luck.. if you have any questions about our cooking style you can e-mail me.

  • Prisca


    Wishing you every success. I know how difficult it is to lose weight, so I'll be thinking of you.

    I've saved your log-page in my favourites list, so I'll be looking out for you.

  • Warrigal

    Hooray for you, Jelly; One piece of advice, for what its worth. You'll probably start on a walking program as thats the easiest form of excercise....don't have to join a health club or buy a bicycle....but do buy yourself a good, supportive pair of shoes that are suited for walking.

    My walking program initially derailed because my feet hurt so bad. I invested in some walking shoes and premium socks and now I cover many miles every day. It does make a difference in your resolve to keep going if your dogs aren't barkin'.

    Warrigal (out and walking before dawn)

  • nilfun

    Good luck Jelly. You can do it!

    (BTW...as far as What_The's bio... I believe "spouse" = defacto spouse, same thing, so I don't see any contradiction there)

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire


    Im tipping 260 pounds myself and am not too slim. Ive come to realize, unless you do something about it the weight just keeps goin up. It seems to come in bursts. Your sat on 220 pounds for 6 months, then suddenly you leap to 240. Every year, Im a pants size bigger than the year before. I started my diet 2 weeks ago, and I feel my mind is right , Im not living on rabbit food , Im just eating regular and have cut out the cakes and pies. Its a long term plan. If it takes a year, I got no problem with that. Good luck. Youre not alone.


    Hey jelly,near 300lbs? WOW,your Fat!..LOL!..So was I..I`m talkin EL-Chubbo,LOL!...I had a few tragedys in my life and got really depressed.I mean really depressed.I became physicly inactive and still ate like a horse..I`ve read alot of good advice on this thread..Get active,do things you enjoy doing.For me,becoming active again was the key,what you put in your mouth is the next step..This is only a phase in your life..You`ll do just fine..Come on the board and let us know how your doing..I have slimmed right down.I can finally see my feet,a few more pounds and who knows what else I`ll find,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • dins


    I would be more than happy to assist you. I was a Weight Watchers leader for several years in the UK. Had to give it up when I moved back to the US because of work demands, but I still manage to volunteer my time to a local weight loss group whenever I can and I teach aerobics part time.

    I was always "pleasingly plump" as my grandmother would say, but when my weight skyrocketed to well over 200 pounds I knew I had to do something. That was 8 years ago almost and I have managed to keep most of the weight off since that time. Excercise is crucial, although at your weight, perhaps you should consult a doctor to have your vitals taken before you begin anything rigorous.

    Write everything down, and don't fall into the trap of drastic measures. If you wish, you may e-mail me for advice and encouragement.

    mailto: [email protected]

    It's not easy but I wish you well on the first steps of your journey. Hope to hear from you.


  • BeautifulGarbage

    I'm DONE with dieting!


    Went on my first "diet" when I was 12. That was my first step to nearly 30 years of roller coaster dieting, starving (sometimes literally for months), and unbelievable bingeing. Things got so bad that I checked myself into a hospital back in 1987.

    Always the struggle....struggle...struggle...struggle...

    Food (love and hate). Weight (Always hated, never loved)

    Write my food down, don't write it down, carbs are bad, carbs are good, fat is bad, fat is good, fat makes you fat, don't eat after 6pm, drink this magic formula, never mix protein with carbs, you have a disease, only eat when your hungry, Atkins, Scarsdale, Pritkin, Beverly Hills, New York, ........blah, blah, blah.....

    Then this winter I became constantly ill. Worst flu season in decades. In the past 4 months I have been ill probably 75 percent of the time. Because of my allergies I am especially vulnerable. It's been a very difficult time for me.

    I have worked out over 20 years but I couldn't now. Just too weak. I just wanted to be healthy, again.

    An epiphany and a relief.

    So, I just gave it all up. The focus now is on my health. I want to be healthy not "thin". I have made a decision to stop the self loathing when I look in the mirror. I have decided that I am pretty damn lucky considering all that I have put my body through and it's been pretty damn good to me.

    So, Jelly, I wish you well on your journey to be HEALTHY.


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