I am friggen huge, (trying a new style diet)

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  • jelly

    Well, here it is. Whether this is going to work out or flop, I am not sure. The goal however is to make my eating habits public in an attempt to prevent myself from straying off my diet. I have not always been overweight but currently I am friggen huge. I am going to weigh tomorrow and then I will post my weight, it will fall somewhere around 300 lbs. The linked web site will contain my food intake, exercise, short term goals, dietlog, and weekly weigh-ins. Any comments or suggestions would be more than welcome.


    Here is the link, its just a plain journal web page nothing fancy, I will start adding info tomorrow.


  • What_The


    a few of us girls on here are all trying to have a better life style. If you would like to join us in our quest to be healthier and fitter please email..

    I will say this to all the board and I hope that I still have friends left, I weight about 225 pounds.. Jelly, I need to be slim and healthy by october 2004 when I am getting married....

    I would love for you to join and we can encourage each other.

    Regards Kelps

    Opps the secret is out.. i just realised that I wrote this reply logged in as my man's account.. I didnt even know he had made an account until I saw the error.. I thought some one was playing with me...

    Sorry for the confusion people... Everyone.. Meet my man!!......... What_the

    edited to clear up confusion

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  • Gopher

    Best wishes on your health program, jelly! Hopefully having watchers will help you stick to your plan!

  • david_10

    Jelly. No comment, except to say I admire your determination. Hang in there and good luck. And same to you, What_The.


  • xenawarrior

    Wow- What_The

    Kelps? Is that you?

    A bit confused here.



  • david_10

    Hey XW. I didn't want to hijack jelly's thread-----I really think that he is desperate and at the end of his rope. But something is not right about What-The. Read his above post and then check out her(his) profile. See what I mean? Troll?


  • Simon

    lot's of people forget whether they are male or female and whether they are already married or planning to marry

  • scootergirl

    Kelpie has a significant other. There is the possibility that this post was made using his account thinking it was hers. KELPIE IS NOT A TROLL......

  • david_10

    I'm trying to sort all this out, but it's getting too complicated. I need to go lay down.

  • shera

    Jelly,you can do it!

    Remember it takes time.Try not to get fusterated.

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