is it for real?

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  • What_The

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks the welcome and your comments.

    Mac and Kelpie, I love riding .... but not kangaroos.. I much prefer to eat them....

    Email, Mac and Heaven, glad to hear that you agree with my thinking


  • Brummie

    Welcome What_The..

    Great to meet you here, what kangeroo recipes can you recommend?


  • Simon


    Strange you should welcome someone posting from the same PC and another post by "what_the" is signed "kelps" ... hmmn

    Can I remind you in case you aren't aware that duplicate accounts are not allowed

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  • SpannerintheWorks


    Could it be that What_The is Kelpie's "man"? And that the post signed "Kelps" was Kelpie's, but she forgot to reset the default



  • scootergirl

    Welcome What_The.......

    Simon......I would be willing to be my last dollar that this isn't a duplicate account for Kelpie. Putting two and two together I would have to say that she accidentally posted using another's account. I use to do that when eyegirl when she would come and visit! LOL.....damn, the fun I could have had posting as eyegirl!

    What_The and guys better be checking who's account you are posting under!


    Welcome, What_The.

    I hope you'll find this forum useful and a place for support and answers to your questions.

    Take care. Stick around, you'll find this site and the people in it, most resourceful.

  • Simon

    Yes, I think it must be something like that scootergirl - I was just surprised

  • What_The

    To who it may concern.........

    This account is purely my own and my little Kelpie has her own account.

    I posted a thread because I am trying to help people who are under stress and confusion in their life.

  • pr_capone

    Welcome to the forum!!!!

  • What_The

    Have a think of this everyone........

    Every one tells lies for all the reasons under the sun some big some insignificant. Some are for the better some are not. Theres nothing wrong with white lies as long as they dont cause harm.

    However, where do you draw the line????

    Have you ever been aquainted with someone who you just dont trust but has never done anything to lose your trust? And if this person asked a favour of you would you do it or hold back until you found out a little more of the favour.

    What i am trying to get at is that if someone is often not sincere about their actions or comments, people have a 6th sense, ( call it body language or gut feeling etc..) about being misled.

    Very often when people are not sincere, their subconsious is in termoil and unbeknown to the sender, their body is trying to release the stress (however small it may be) to feel at ease again.

    Some times this stress is not released and builds up causing bad dreams or restlessness in general. Preachers will tell you its god giving you a sign and you must go to confession to repent.

    In a way thats ok for the sender to help release stress but not the recipient who has made decisions based on the lie.

    So whats the non religious answer??? if its not obvious i will say it for you....... Dont stress yourself by weaving webs of lies.

    Haaaa, thats so easy to say.... but, I think our lies are so helpful to us that life would be more difficult with out them and theyre like a drug.

    So, where am i going with this????

    Basically forget about the hocus pocus of religious lies such as " god made man impure and after amagedon, JWs will be reborn perfect" I think all human flaws are the result of an incredible and complex human brain. Lies, greed, negative emotions, vanity and other little nasties are just flaws that can be eliminated by understanding the needs behind them. Simply, know your flaws and work to continouously improve yourself. We all have the potential to be excellent

    Wow that was the long way around so say something so simple but, there you go its said let me know what you think......

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