is it for real?

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  • What_The

    Hi, I am new to the forum and would like to introduce myself by telling you all how I feel about things.

    This is aimed at the thousands of lost souls out there who dont know where to turn.

    Life is not complicated unless you make it so... We as humans start of in this world with absolutely no possessions, emotions ( except survival ones), basic needs, no stress, anger, sadness or despairity just to mention some.

    However, as we grow and are influenced by our parents we accumulate beliefs, ideas and a way of thinking which is very similar if not the same as our parents.

    Later on in life this mental programming make us what we are today. Unfortunately, many beliefs we have in our adult life limit us from reaching our full potential as human beings. These limitations causes us to lose faith in ourselves and or (worse still) put our faith in other things.

    As you probably are all aware, faith in some religions is detrimental to our well being and prosparity. JW as I have recently learnt is a psychologically devestaing, demoralising and antisocial religion. I have been brought up as a Roman Catholic and until recently never relialised how hypocritical and out of date and most of all how rich they all are.

    I have come to question my beliefs many times in the past few years and have come to the conclusion that religion is a business first and foremost and all the rest comes later. Sure they are seen to do the right thing and try to make you believe that humanity is first and foremost but its a load of crap. That not to say that they do nothing for the comunity because I believe that they help a lot lost souls and desperate people out there.

    Now its time for the crunch... If you have to beleive in anything.... why not start with yourselves. I strongly believe that humans have the ability to achieve anything they want as long as they want it badly enough and belive in themselves.

    We dont need some religious fanatic to tell us how to live ourlives or to tell us whats right or wrong we already know that instinctively. We dont need to believe in a god to force us to do what is right or to feel that one is watching our everything we do. If we live as honest and decent people that we are, and when we do the wrong thing, our concience will punish us in the most harshest way.

    I believe god is a belief programmed into us by our parents, their parents, their parents parent etc through the genenrations in order for our parents to teach us what is wrong and right in the form of scare tactics. There is no such thing as a mystical being guiding us controling us or helping us live our lives. We do that ourselves with our programming so why not reprogram yourself and get on with having a wonderful healty life.

    This is not to say i dont believe in a god but my god is not a mystical being it is all around us in everything we do... the purity of a new born baby, the beauty of a flower the generosity of one human to another that is my god and I am so privillaged to have discoverd this belief my self and invite you all to open your eyes and see the beauty of ourselves and the wonder we can achieve if we reliquish these draconinan beliefs.

    please provide feed back as i am always on a learning curve and open to new ways of interpreting things people and ideas

    what the?????

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  • pseudoxristos

    Well said, and welcome to the forum.


  • kelpie

    May I be the very first to welcome you to the forum What_the..

    I just love ROVE... I cannot wait for him to come back again.......

    You will find many differing views to your topic. I myself will always believe in some being out there in the heavens watching over us.

    I do believe that you should be the best person you can be and I do agree that you know inside yourself what is wrong and right.

    I will never go back to a "uniformed" religion but will always use the bible as my guide.

    You raised some very good topics so I hope that you get some good replies.

    Love Kelps

  • Mac


    You and I have reached many of the same conclusions......welcome!!!!!!


  • kelpie

    Hey Mac...

    Why didnt you ask What_the if he rides kangaroos?????

    Maybe him and I could go riding together?

  • Mac


    I failed to notice that he hailed from the land down under. Had I not been remiss and made the connection I would have immediately directed him to the Kelpie Pocketfull of Miracles Kangaroo Riding School!!!!!!!!!

    mac, of the thinking of M&M's class

  • Solace


    Cute name BTW.

    I am still struggling with my beliefs, but I agree with most of what you are saying.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • SheilaM

    Welcome to the forum



    Welcome to the forum!


  • email

    We dont need some religious fanatic to tell us how to live ourlives or to tell us whats right or wrong we already know that instinctively.

    So true...

    WELCOME TO THE BOARD What_The... glad to have you here

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