Way off topic: any CAD people here?

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  • Been there
    Been there

    We use Auto CAD at work, drafting and designing Cable systems. I can do a few things in it, print maps and stuff when needed but never wanted to get into the drafting part. They use LODE data also for the design part. I am in the Field Services Dept. so my guys draw everything up by hand and we give it to the drafting dept. For all you people in Seattle, WA. area we are currently mapping your AT&T cable system. Olympia, Lacey, Rainier, Shelton, Anacortesc, Panorama City.

  • Francois

    Hey Animal, why don't you make inquiry at Gulfstream Aerospace over here in Savannah, GA? I hear that they're always looking for good CAD contractors and such. You might have to be on-site for awhile, but you could do lots worse than be in Savannah for a year or so. Man, the fishing is great around here, as is the shrimping and crabbing and such.

    I do a lot of drawing with Corel and have my eyes firmly open for that kind of work at all times.


  • animal

    The place I work for here in Arizona is an out-sourcing place... we do work for loads of companies that have laid off all thier help. As things are today, it is acually cheaper for a company to contract us to do a job till it is complet, rather than hire permanent help.

    I use Computervision CADDS5, drawing parametric solids. My last job, before coming to AZ was designing a mine clearing army tank for 3+ years. The army cancelled it then, after my making enuff in overtime to buy a few Harleys. Here in AZ, I have worked with Hughes/Boeing, working on about 4 of thier communication satellites. Everything is designed, tested, rechecked, and approved before anything is built.

    Those of you getting into CAD, consider contracting for a few years before taking any job offers. It is a great way to see the country, while gaining needed experience and money.

    My next job thru my office will be with a new super-airliner, and I may get to do some more traveling.


  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Hi LiquidSky,

    We use Mechanical Desktop too. I looked into switching to Inventor, but it didn't really suit our needs. It is an awesome program though. I also learned SolidWorks and found, in my opinion, Inventor to be a more user friendly product. The advances in Inventor 6 are outstanding.

    To all,

    Has anybody ever used Rhino?


  • liquidsky

    I have Rhino at home but haven't even taken it outta the package yet. Inventor is an awesome program, but it takes some getting used to after using autoCAD and Mechanical Desktop for so long. But I agree , its very user freindly.

  • animal

    In the contractor world I live in, AutoCad isnt one that we learn. The rates ($$$$$) are way too low to pursue any good jobs. With CV, Pro/E, and UG, you can sell yourself for a nice rate generally above the $30+ mark. Rates for AutoCad is usually half of that or less.

    I started CAD back when we had just one color screens.... and the software ran on a mainframe. Our backups were to huge reel-to-reel tapes ... the hard drives were huge and touchy. Now, most places run the software on local computers, either under UNIX or Windows NT.


  • anglise

    We use CAD here in the UK for building services M&E engineering.

    Have done since Autocad v10.

    Prior to that it was with the good old pens. Who remembers those?


  • Loris

    No pens here. Only pencils. If it didn't have an eraser I would be lost. Now my favorite command is undo with erase next in line


  • TresHappy

    We teach this stuff at where I work. Very popular!

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