Way off topic: any CAD people here?

by Stan Conroy 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Just wondering if there are any CAD gurus on this site? If so, what software are you using?


  • Jim_TX

    Well, you didn't say if you were talking mechanical CAD or electrical CAD.

    I do Printed Circuit Board (PCB) CAD Layouts using P-CAD 2001/2002.

    I also write Visual Basic utilities to support P-CAD 2001/2002. *grin*


    Jim TX

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  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Hi Jim,

    It's amazing what you can come up with with Visual Basic. I wrote a CAM program to run within Rhinoceros with VB. I also wrote a automated hole function for Mechanical Desktop. I'm not done yet...


  • Loris

    Hi Stan,

    I work for an Architectural Engineer we use AutoCAD 2002

    I have struggled to learn lisp and failed miserably. I have done quite a bit of customization of my AutoCAD. Then I got sidetracked with my exit from the Watchtower Bribe and Trash Society (tm)


  • liquidsky

    Cad guru here. Been using Mechanical Desktop for the longest time, but in the process of switching to Inventor.

  • Mac

    Yes, I am a cad!

    mac, of the hopes to someday be a gentleman class

  • pseudoxristos


    What do you think of P-CAD, and is it inexpensive?

    I looking for a schematic capture/router for work. We are currently using an old DOS based CAD (Draftsman EE). The company that made the program went out of business years ago. Unfortunately, we have a lot of boards created with this old program and I don't think we will be able to convert them to any other format.

    For everyone else, I also want to add that, you can get a simple CAD program for circuit boards from www.expresspcb.com. It can only be used to order boards from them, but for about $60 you can get 3 boards (about 3.5 x 2.5) in 2 days. This is great for prototypes.


  • animal

    I have done CAD design for about 15 years or so.... 3D modeling/assembly. I just finished up a project at Boeing, working on a satellite...

    And, I am always looking for work.


  • liquidsky


    are you in WA?

  • Danster1

    I take CAD in school...I use both AutoCAD and Inventor.

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