Dubs and Horsies

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  • Stephanus

    I've gotten the impression that gambling is not looked upon kindly by the 'Tower. Is it officially condemned, i.e. is it a disfellowshippable offence?

    Just asking because I'm probably taking my son to Randwick tomorrow. (I'm still amused that the dubs condemned UncleBruce for taking his kids camping - what would they think of this one??)

  • bigboi

    Yes it is a difellowshipping offense Stephanus. I believe an elder in a judicial commitee would say it violates biblical principles.

  • Yerusalyim

    I'm still waiting for someone to show me this biblical basis for disallowing gambling. Gambling as an addiction, spending the rent money, etc sure, that's sinful and not good stewardship, but gambling for entertainment? A poker game with the boys, a lotto ticket here and there, $50.00 at the casino every few months? How does gambling as entertainment in this fashion violate biblical principles? Would it be different then social drinking? WIERD!

    Yeru who likes to take a gamble every now and then (hey, I got married, didn't I)


    There is more of heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosphy, Horatio.

    Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities

  • bigboi

    Hey Salem:

    I think in the book of Isaiah it talks about God condemning the Israelites for putting their trust inthe God of luck, plus they say it shows greediness etc...

  • riz

    Hey you guys,

    The witnesses wouldn't know a good time if it ran up and bit them in the ass.

    Vegas, anyone? I know some of you are down.


  • crossroads

    What if you don't pray for your horse to come in?
    I really don't think it is a disfellowshiping offense
    I know of an elder that use to buy lottery tickets all the time
    nothing ever happened to him and he wasn't really
    discreet about it. I think they can only get you if it gets
    bad and you can't take care of your family. Because lo
    and behold they are not going to be resposible for
    widows and orphans that just wouldn't be organizational.
    Any way tell them it was just an investment I don't think
    anybody buts there money in the stock market and prays
    for a decline do they?

  • Prisca
    Vegas, anyone?

    Count me in - I love Las Vegas

  • Stephanus

    "Count me in - I love Las Vegas "

    Me too. I almost took a trip to the US just to go to Vegas and the MGM Grand and see Rodney Dangerfield's stand-up act, but then I remembered the responsible father stuff and stayed home! Still, I'm taking my son to the races tomorrow; hopefully that makes up for it a bit. :^)

  • Prisca

    Hope you don't get rained out, Stephanus. Make sure you get under some cover!

    btw, wasn't it weird having those District Conventions at Warwick Farm for all those years?

    (for non-Aussies, Warwick Farm is a major race-course in Sydney)

  • larc

    Hi all,

    I don't know what the rules are today, but when I was in, gambling was a no-no. I remember an incident when my JW sister lived with my wife and I briefly. I went to a nickel, dime, quarter poker game and came home with my pockets bulging with coins. My sister was horrified and told me that gambling was a form of extortion and greed. I tryed to explain to her that it was simply an night of fun among friends. She didn't get it.

    I don't play poker any more, because most people play strange off-shoots of the basic game and I don't know what's going on and feel handicaped. I don't play the lottery because of the poor odds.

    I play black at a casino about twice a year, and over the years, I break even. I know basic strategy well enough to play a decent game. My son can keep track of the 10's versus the other cards and consistently wins. He plays about once a month. I believe that he is good enough at it, that we could make a living at the game. However, we have both concluded that it would be very boring to play day after day.

    I have my own addictions, but gambling isn't one of them. By the way, do the JWs still consider the buying of stocks to be a form of gambling? They did when I was in.

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