Kingdom Melodies Cassette No. 999999999........

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  • Latte


    I definitely feel that missing out on singing at a young age is not beneficial. I remember as child not going into assembly, and sitting listening to the others singing…… sounded very much like fun…..a very enjoyable, uplifting way to start the day. Also it would of given your voice some 'training' as to how to sing.

    The Spanish bros and sisters can sing really well, as they are brought up with singing as part of their culture. I think it's wonderful to have such a pleasurable pastime as singing……..if you've got a nice voice, that is!

    I can't resist telling you which song I particularly did'nt like singing. "The Resurrection Joy" is soooo depressing. I once stood next to a sister who had recently lost her husband……..she cried buckets. I felt that she really did'nt need that…….the song is TWO pages long! It felt like eternity. Poor sister.

    ****pass the sick bag - and the 'children/youth' songs ("they are gifts from
    God, He says use the rod")****
    Yes, they STILL sing this one. They do not clarify the 'rod' bit do they? Even in talks they do not always give the correct meaning…….that it does not mean a literal ROD.

    The only one I can find that I quite liked is "Life without end - at last!" P.15
    I did like as a child "From House to House" especially the bit where the violin was being Plucked…….do you remember? So funny.

    I have'nt noticed "we're Jehovah's Witnesses" being sang in a while also. Wonder why ?

    Just my two cents,


  • AcapulcoGold

    this is the chorus from my favourite kingdom song:

    you can't hide
    from elders eyes
    and their smile
    is a thin disguise
    i thought by now
    you'd realize
    there aint no way
    to hide from elders eyes

    AG. apologies to henley/frey or whoever wrote the thing.

  • jelly

    My favorite song was always the one at the end of the meeting, much more pleasant than the one at the begining of the meeting.

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    one of my fave Kingdoom Helledies is the Hawaiian-flavored one where you have to sing 'spiritual' as a two-syllable word. So classy! You know the one I mean, don't you?
    'Gracious Jehovah
    God we thank You
    for our speer-chul
    In which by study
    and by meetings
    we are aided to be wise.'

    True story: a JW I once knew had a parrot that talked. She told me that her bird was losing its zeal for Jehovah. It used to sing, 'we're Jehovah's Witnesses, we speak out in fearlessness.' She moved its cage into a bedroom and covered it during bookstudy when it changed its song to 'we're Jehovah's Witnesses,we speak out in fear.' So as not to stumble anyone she hid the bird!

    I heard since then that this sister left the JWs. Wonder if she still has the parrot?

  • riz


    That was good. I'm sensing a new kingdumb song in the making.

    Mommie D.,

    I think animals are much smarter than they are given credit for. That parrot is a prime example.


  • AcapulcoGold


    witness girls seem to find out early
    how to open doors with just a smile……


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