New Documentary The Great Awakening

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  • Rijk

    When we move towards the return of Jesus / Armageddon,

    going to experience another WWIII and other tribulations,

    it's good to know what else we're being fooled with.

    Don't get into anything I would say, don't go with anyone just like that.

    I can't put the video of 58 minutes below.

    They put that video in an article.

    Video at the bottom of the article.

    You better take everything into account.

    Satan is an angel of light.

    Anyway, there is a well kept fact,

    which mankind will undoubtedly have to deal with before the return of Jesus.

    An eye witness, a firefighter,

    told his family in the video that God has also created life elsewhere.

    But that was not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who went to create other life forms elsewhere.

    The angel who has been intersecting and mixing Creation from the beginning is the culprit.

    Article is Dutch but the video is spoken in English (Dutch subtitles)

  • Rijk

    "A startling testimony by Dr. Carol Rosin at the Disclosure Project press conference on May 9, 2001, conducted by Dr. Steven Greer.

    Here she explains what Wernher von Braun told her about deployable space weapon systems, which should protect us against all kinds of enemies, including an alien threat.

    And all based on big lies".

  • Nobleheart1

    Very interesting commens Rijk.

    After writing my DA letter in 2011 and quitting the Watchtower, I turned to Jesus as my Savior and have been attending an evangelical church.

    Last Sunday our pastor had a sermon about the end times.

    He pointed to circa 2033...his reasoning went along like this:

    Jesus died and was buried for 2 days, then came back (Resurrection).

    In the Bible 1 day = 1000 years. 2 days = 2000 years.

    So if Jesus was resurrected circa 33 c.e, and He comes back in 2 days (2000 years), perhaps we can expect his return in 2033 c.e.

    Nobody knows the date, but it surely ties in well with WEF/Davos' 2030 agenda and their rush to get this done by that deadline. Satan has planted it into their minds to rush to their defeat.

    I also agree that 2020, things have been definitely off and events seem so unnaturally rushed according to a set agenda that imo is unprecedented.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The internet,,and the information age.

    Is the "Great Awakening"

  • Confronto

    IO mi sono fatto la mia idea.

    JW ha sempre detto che il re del nord avrebbe iniziato la battaglia contro Babilonia. A me non tornava alla luce delle scritture.

    Io penso che siamo alla fine letterale del re del nord come descritto in Daniele e dettagliatamente descritto in Gioele capitolo 3.

    In Gioele viene specificato chi distruggerà il re del nord, infatti l'avanguardia descritta e' sul mare che costeggia l'Ucraina!

    In Daniele viene detto che il re del nord uscirà a portare distruzione per via di notizie. Infatti la Russia ha mosso guerra senza uno specifico valido motivo, bensì per paure varie intrinseche nella cultura del popolo russo.

    Mi aspetto dunque, come dice Gioele:

    1 distruzione della Russia.

    2. Successivamente pulizia del popolo di Dio (purificazione).

    3 segni nel cielo.

    Mia personale osservazione chiaramente.

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