Hysterical Men & Women!

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  • trevor

    Thanks Sassenach,

    Thanks for finding that thread. How do you do that? I had begun to think I had killed of too many brain cells and was losing the plot! It was my belief that the remark was not mine but in any case it was all a bit of fun. It seems I've got my knickers in a twist for nothing - still it beats watching TV.

    I have never posted a single word on any thread that deals with child abuse. The reason is, that I would find myself trying to give advice that has not been asked for. Though my parents, who have now disowned me, abused me the abuse was never of a sexual nature. Only those who have been abused in a sexual way, or have children, who have been sexually abused, can fully understand the pain involved.

    Six of nine did put a smile symbol by his jokey remark and clearly intended no offence. He also came back with an explanation and apology. It doesn't get better than that. Six of nine where are you? Nine of six - are you in trouble?


    'I was an oak, now I'm a willow I can bend.'

  • Sassenach


    It's easy to find threads if you know the title. I think it was 7of9 that said the name of the thread. I went to search and typed in "typical" because that was in the title and looked back a few months. The thread came up. I was curious enough to look for it and thought you might like to see it too.

    Yes, six said it in jest and that was obvious. I didn't post it to make trouble for him, sorry six!!

    Take care


  • waiting

    Hey Treavor,

    If you're gonna gripe, gets your facts straight. Author Unknown

    And I'm entering apologizing to you as I type. Your memory is fine, mine is quite faulty as is obvious. Your reputation as a man in touch with his femine side is quite safe for a long time to come.

    As for 6of9's comment - I knew it was a joke from the first post. This was not a joking thread. This thread was about incest, lying, gross behavior by a parent being termed "typical" for whatever reason, which was not explained in the original post. There was no flame war between any poster on that thread, including Six and myself.

    I stand behind my comments there and here - but I humbly apologize at naming the wrong poster. This would never work in Court, would it? Trevor is as innocent as the new fallen snow......

    And if I could have found the thread, I would have caught my error sooner. I tried "typical" also - but it pulled up zip.

    Sorry again, Trevor.


  • SixofNine

    Uh, sorry Trev, I guess I kinda made it seem that maybe I was you and you was I. I've been driving your jag on weekends too. Sorry again, I didn't think Waiting would ever bring it up again (I kinda made it sound like you/me was a serial killer too, sorry about that as well, it just seemed prudent at the time).

    Oh yeah, I made the original li'l joke knowing full well the origin of the word. I must say, I had forgotten the treatment options until Abaddon reminded me. Wow, it was a mans world for the last 6k or so wasn't it? I just hope the sisters are as nice to us as we were overbearing abusive to them in the next 6k.

    Six- of the take your medicine class

  • waiting

    Hey Trevor and Six,

    I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which when you looked at it in the right way, did not become still more complicated. Paul Anderson

    In other cases men are stereotyped. - Trevor

    Never sleep with a man who has named his willy. Jasmine Birtles

    Yeah, but some stereotypes stem from truths!


  • Francois

    Right, but I've slept with a woman who has named my willy. She called him "The Cardinal." Won't say way. Even made a cute little red cape for him, and then sh....well, anyway.

  • Sassenach
    And if I could have found the thread, I would have caught my error sooner. I tried "typical"
    also - but it pulled up zip.

    Hi Waiting,

    I got zip at first too, but I'd left it at "7 days" as the search time. I changed it to 3 months and got the thread.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  • trevor

    Thanks waiting, 6of9 and all of ya,

    I have been a bit busy lately - moved house last Monday
    and just got the computer set up 10 minuites ago. It worked first time.
    My god's are with me!

    We moved down market. Did the big house thing -
    but found it wasn't worth the candle. Snobbish neighbours and a garden
    like a park. I've returned to where I belong.

  • waiting

    Hey Trevor in Touch With His Feminine Side,

    moved house last Monday


    I've returned to where I belong.

    Where is that?


  • trevor

    Hi Waiting,

    Yes - literally. We moved from a large house to a not so large
    house in a neighbourhood where people place more importance
    on friendship than money. I think for a while after leaving the JWs,
    I overcompensated and thought that the more money I had the
    happier I would be. I found out that it dosen't work like that.

    Now I'm going to travel more and ease up a bit. I've paid my dues
    and I've decided to take the rest of my life off. In short experience
    and living is more important than accumilating possesions.

    I hope you had a good time in Texas.

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