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  • berrygerry

    Geoff Jackson speaking at a France dedication:

    Then he said (I'm quoting him best I can remember, but you'll get the idea): "Imagine if next week I go back to US and you see in the news that the whole GB was arrested for no reason. How'd you react? Well, surely you'd say to your coworkers or neighbours: "Jesus warned us. They were arrested for no reason." You would feel bad for us but be proud because you are sure it's persecution from Satan and that we're innocent.

    So imagine they would make up false accusations, with false witnesses and false testimonies and all the newspaper would talk about how the GB was arrested for stealing billions of $$ to their followers. How would you react when coworker talk about it? Be ashamed? Would you believe it? Well Satan will attack us using lies. Lying about our high morality.

    Maybe they will accuse us of covering child sexual abuser. Would you believe it? Surely we know those lies come from Satan."

    From reddit:

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I read the comments on reddit from the above post.

    Hmm... Interesting to say the least.

    What if part of the huge requests for money was to pay the lawyers to keep them, the GB, out of jail for as long as possible.

    So, they cut back on building, rob all the kingdom halls of any assets but nicely let them keep $5,000... (until they need it... )

    Only print 3 Watchtowers and 3 Awake's all year for the public.

    They got rid of all of the district overseers. A circuit overseer is put out to pasture at age 70. They sent home scores of Bethelites.

    No printing facility at Chelmsford will be built. No 13 apartments blocks there either, only 5.

    Keep telling the sheeples everyone lies but them. hahaha What a joke.

    I was thinking the GB were swinging things so that when their naive audience wakes up, they will have had enough money, assets etc hidden away all over the world to keep themselves and their closest buddies afloat when WT crashes. I never imagined they would go to prison. Oh... That is a nice thought.

  • Finkelstein

    There is no conspiracy about the leaders of the WTS lying and deceiving people, they've been doing it for over 100 years.

    Under critical investigation in the law courts their findings indicate the WTS was intentionally doing just that and instructing elders toward concealing information about known pedophiles within congregations.

    So who then is the liar ?

  • sparrowdown

    Strangely specific scenarios he presents.

    Usual fear/propaganda mongering or could there be an element of forewarning?

    They cry wolf so many times it's hard to tell.

  • Crazyguy

    Sounds like they know the shoe is about to drop!

  • jp1692
    Imagine if next week I go back to US and you see in the news that the whole GB was arrested for no reason. How'd you react?

    I would react with a great deal of satisfaction for many reasons, but mostly because I know that any such arrest would in fact be for good cause. The leadership of the WTBTS are criminals.

    Let’s review: It’s a cult!

  • redpilltwice

    Well well well, mr. Jackson...

    Wouldn't it be presumptuous to claim that those "lies" come from Satan"?

  • slimboyfat

    I’m a bit skeptical because the wording sounds just a bit too obvious. I’d want to hear the talk for myself.

  • zeb

    and who would fill their place? I see a coup de Tate' take place as others scramble for the positions either fanatics

    • wanting to keep the fires burning and lock down the head quarters; or others
    • rip open the files and reveal all
    • re-establish the truth as a godly open organisation supporting human dignity and effort and operating as they have claimed as a (truly) charitable organisation.

    but I am being presumptuous....

  • smiddy3

    As slim says I would like to hear the talk for myself, if it was true surely someone would have it ?

    Somebody else mentioned on Reddit that they had the same talk too at another Assembly ?

    So I`ll wait and see.

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