If the elders were abused sexually this problem would have been taken care of long time ago.

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD
    I feel the real problem with the Wt cult concerning child abuse is it happens to children not adult men. Notice I didn't say adult women because they don't care about adult women either. I remember a C.O. telling me that my experience of being abused as a child made me stronger as a person. This shows most men in this cult don't get it, it devastates a child for a lifetime. Let's all face it. The term child abuse is a very weak word for what is really happening. Instead it should be called rape of a child and in many cases brutal rape. If brutal rape of men was taking place in the Wt. cult this problem would have been addressed immediately without hesitation on the GB part. But because it is children they just don't care. This cult has a long history of ignoring the children who are trapped in this organization. I remember when I was a small child back in the early 60's I was told time and time again by many old adults children did not belong here. How unloving and unconcerned many in this cult were. It was not until the mid to late 70's that the Wt cult showed any concern for the children. That was because now they had another avenue for new members for the future and for making more money with their free labor. Just think what would be taking place if 1000's of men in this cult were being brutally raped every few years? There would be an uproar within the cult. But with children nothing. Why? Because the cult couldn't care less about the children of the cult. Instead they have featured magazines about the children who gave up their lives for lack of medical care because of cult teachings. I feel this is the cancer that affects the Wt. cult and we who have walked outside the cult box should be using the word rape or brutal rape instead of child abuse. Child abuse is just too weak of a word for what is really happening. Maybe by using this terminology many more eyes will be opened. Take care. Still Totally ADD
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think you've pretty much hit the nail on the head, Still Totally ADD.

    The WTS looks at what members can do for the organization. Children can't do much, men can do so much more. So, according to the WT, men are much more useful/important than children are.

    Imagine if a sexual predator had abused one of the GB? There'd rightly be hell to pay. Because children matter little to this cult, when child abuse happens it's: "wait on Jehovah" or "stop lying, Timmy"

  • punkofnice

    The cult leaders, the over stuffed gluttonous watchtower rock star popes and their suck ups DO NOT CARE about anyone, let alone children. The corporation is only interested in getting wealth and power AT ANY COST.

    I agree the terms used to describe their hideous crimes do not fit the horrific reality.

    I am sorry you have experienced hell as the result of this vile religious scam.

    One love. Paul

  • cultBgone

    First, ADD, I totally agree that their misogyny is the reason women and children are treated like trash.

    Second, I totally agree that the term "child abuse" is deliberately used to soften the image of the horrific trauma suffered by children when they are brutally RAPED by men.

    Rape is not sexual. Rape is a power and control tool used by those who have no sense of self-worth.

    While it's true that many rapists (abusers is too soft) have themselves been victimized, it does not excuse the continued pattern of behavior. Only when horrible crimes are exposed and labeled as such can change begin in any society.

  • OrphanCrow
    ADD: we who have walked outside the cult box should be using the word rape or brutal rape instead of child abuse. Child abuse is just too weak of a word for what is really happening.

    I totally agree. The term "child abuse" is not strong enough and also is not descriptive of what is actually happening.

    Children are being RAPED.

    The JWs have a systemic problem with child rape and child sexual assault.

    The abuse within the JWs is systemic. Many of the men that you spoke about in your OP could have been abused themselves. It is a cycle where the abuse gets played out over and over again throughout generations and the structure of the organization as a patriarchal institution compounds the problem. In a patriarchal society, children (and women) are viewed as property, not people.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    This is all wrong.

    First of all, suggesting it'd be better if someone was sexually abused is disgusting.

    secondly, statistics have shown for years that a person who is sexually abused is more likely to be come a sexual predator. I have read that in many places.

    boo on this topic for so many reasons.

    edited to add: yes I did read the op, being a victim doesn't change what I stated. Tho I do wish that hasn't happened to you. Thought I should add this because my post seemed cold hearted.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Hello Jonathan Drake,

    I thought what I said was very correct. Sexually abuse is to weak of a word for what is happening. Rape or brutal rape is a much better way for people to understand what is really going on. I do not feel for someone who was sexually abused is better than being rape or brutally raped. It's the same. I just feel the language many are using should be put in a more forceful or stronger term than just sexual abuse. Yes many who are rape as children do become predators but there are also many studies I have read that say this is not true. With that said those who have been hurt by being sexually rape as children bear the responsibility of breaking that cycle as adults. I feel your pain and I hope as time goes on it will become less and less. I am sorry this upset you so much. Still Totally ADD

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW, but a lifelong child's advocate. I totally agree with you on the sexual abuse!! But you also have a much larger problem which reaches each and every JW child and that is the terrible EMOTIONAL abuse. How many children go to bed at night with nightmares because of the teaching of Armageddon and shunning? How many children are harmed on a daily basis by this "Worldly " association so they have no friends? How many children are deprived of learning those talents that God gave them in after school programs because JWS cannot participate in those things? How many children are harmed by those insane cartoons?

    From everything I have read on this forum, if anyone at all in authority thinks that this organization cares for the children or women they are dead wrong, this should be a men's only cult.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Hello rebelfighter,

    I totally agree with you on the emotional abuse issue. When I went through therapy I was told I suffer with spiritual abuse. This has and still does give me nightmares. They are fewer now. The abuse this cult hands out is enormous and for the most part the Wt is getting away with it. Thank you for your comment. If you can can you us what it takes to be a child's advocate? Still Totally ADD

  • Illuminated

    Johnathan Drake,

    secondly, statistics have shown for years that a person who is sexually abused is more likely to be come a sexual predator. I have read that in many places

    I don't know where you're getting your facts/ statistics, it is incorrect. Most sex offenders were Not sexually assaulted as children and it is a misconception that a child who's sexually assaulted is more likely to become a predator or homosexual.

    As for the problem being taken care of if elders were abused as adults. I know of an exJW who was abused as a child and became an elder. His case wasn't handled any better when the pedophile came back into the organization.

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