adultery in heart...does this exist ??

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  • Uni girl
    Uni girl

    Hi everyone its me 'uni girl' since my wonderful expulsion from the rancid org, I have wondered what exactly is

    'adultery in the heart' and what constitutes proof of this. It is the reason stated on my file for my ruin HA HA

    The jokes on them as always

    Does it imply that we were just looking for facilities to 'do' it or that perhaps we were shy and never got actually down to it.

    Any way I got a divorce for his unreasonable behaviour and not my so-called adultery in heart.

  • Thirdson

    It does exist but I think the WTS missed the point of Jesus words. When Jesus said that any man who looks at a woman so as to have a passion for her has already committed adultery in his heart, he knew that every man (at least heterosexuals) was guilty. I believe the exacting standard set by that shows that all of us are imperfect sinners no matter how we appear on the outside.

    I could say a lot more about divorce and the treatment of women by men in Judea during the time of Jesus. However, despite the standard Jesus set with his words he showed a very forgiving attitude to sinners. It is a pity that JW elders who are all guilty of "looking at women with a passion" don't show the mind of Christ when judging others.


    'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'

  • Introspection

    Well, of course the point of the teaching too was that it starts in the heart, the actual behavioral manifestation is only secondary, this is how I understand "self-control" to be a fruitage of the spirit.

    I was actually a little surprised to hear your story, but I guess there are those who believe they can read hearts. It seems to me that the prevalent attitude is to deal with conduct once it manifests. I've only recently begun to appreciate how VERY few people have that level of discipline where they can actually control their mind, thus their thoughts before it even comes out in action, and there is just no way you're going to overcome something like natural sex drive by some kind of behavioral modification. Depending on your viewpoint and given our background, you might consider it imperfection, but I tend to see it as a type of incoherence. To have the mind, heart and body all working together smoothly is no small feat, and the way the organization teaches I doubt there's anyone that can claim any balance or mastery in that regard.

  • COMF

    On H2O one time the lovable forum clown, You Know, went into a rant about not looking at a member of the opposite sex with "impure thoughts." So I posted a response in which I said, picture You Know meeting and courting some young lovely. Matters progress to marriage, and now they are together on their wedding night. As they prepare for bed, the bride wearing panties and a sheer nightgown as is her habit, she happens to bend over, scalding the virtuous You Know's virgin eyes with some serious butt. Our hero now responds impetuously, "Wow! Say, honey, I just now had a heck of a good idea!"


  • LovesDubs

    Oh thats an easy one...take 1 normal 30+ female and put her in the same room with Mel Gibson, George Cloony and oh...Robert Redford, Brad Pitt and maybe Chris Noth. Nuff said.

  • mommy

    Comf that was brilliant! Loves, oh yes George Clooney
    I can believe that they did this to you, it is so sad. I honestly believe it is another control mechanisim used by the org. Making you feel guilty for even looking and thinking about someone other than your husband. Youths that marry young in the org cannot be said to know all the ways of the adult world. And most of te time they marry just because of the primal instinct to have sex. This is not a good basis for a marriage, and ultimatly has ruined so many lives. So basically they are telling us, not to have sex until you are married, get married when someone turns you on sexually, and never, ever think about sex with another human. Impossible! I know alot of people have done this, I applaud them and wish I was able to find someone from the start I would be happy with for 70 plus years. But we are all imperfect, and it is human nature to have a wandering eye.

  • trevor


    I don't know about adultery in the heart but how about adultery
    in my dreams. I have the most vivid and real dreams. They are so
    real at time I have difficulty seperating then from reality. With the
    adultery - don't try to. My wife has given me permission to do any
    thing I like in my dreams. She likes me to share these flights of fantasy
    with her.

    Should I be disfellowshiped or just slapped hard?

  • battman

    Hi Luv,

    don't forget battman!!!!!

    i would recommend "spanking"


  • TR



    shows how impossible the task of not having "impure thoughts" is. If it were possible, your scenario with YK could happen! The thought of the YK wedding night kills me!


  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    Are elders claiming to have psychic powers these days?
    I was under the impression that god only could read hearts!

    Maybe they should re-title your disfellowship sentance to 'body language that portrayed an attraction for person of opposite sex-other than your husband'
    But that would be admitting that it wasnt a sin but only human attraction.

    just 2 cents of me!


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