Got my judicial notes & file destroyed

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  • roybatty

    Does it bug you that there are notes about you stuck somewhere in a kingdom hall file cabinet? I cant say that its kept me up at night, but it does bother me that there are notes from my judicial hearing (and a file) that I cant access but just about anyone with a little bit of nerve can. Anyway, I decided to call the PO from the last congregation I was in and request that these notes be destroyed. I really didnt expect him to say "no problem." Just as I thought, he went on about Society procedure."what if you decided to come back..blah blah blah". So I wrote the Society, requesting the same thing and copied the local PO. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from the Society. Nothing lengthy, basically a three sentence letter saying that they were confident that the local PO would handle this matter is a fine way. So I try calling the PO but hes out of town on vacation. I finally get a hold him, just yesterday, refreshed his memory about my request. Again expecting a "no, I cant because ofblah blah blah" I was instead surprised when he said "we (Im assuming him and the other elders, unless hes completely lost his mind) have decided to destroy your file". To say the least, I was stunned. I was expecting at least some type of argument.

    Has anyone else requested that their judicial hearing notes be destroyed? BTW, I did follow up with a letter to the PO confirming our phone conversation and thanking him for his time.

  • jgnat

    If I were you, I would ask for a signed, dated document (by at least two eye witnesses) indicating when they were destroyed.


  • Sentinel

    Not to bust your bubble, but I would have to wonder if your stuff was "really destroyed".

    Maybe we should just ask for our personal file to be returned to us, and then we can dispose of it ourselves. We could always send the request, along with a stamped, addressed envelope for return.

    But something tells me they wouldn't return our files. Something else tells me, they won't destroy them either.

    Just another form of control on their part.

  • RunningMan

    Could they just copy them, then destroy the originals? Then they would be telling you the truth, while still keeping the files. Does Brooklyn have a copy, so the cong files don't matter?

    Am I too paranoid? Personally, I don't trust them. On the other hand, why do they really want this stuff?

  • pandora

    The understanding I got from C of C was that you will never see your file even if you ask for it. They will tell you that they destroyed it. But you have absolutely no proof that this has happened.
    Personally, I wish someone would sue for their file. But all the society would have to say was that the information has been destroyed and all questions/lawsuits would end.
    And I guess when it comes down to it, how important are those few pieces of paper they have with our names on it? In anger they are very important, but when calm, they are just peices of paper that really can't hurt us anymore.
    RunningMan - they have no need to copy and then destroy. They have no need to truly destroy at all. All they have to do is SAY they destroyed them. No proof needed or demanded.

  • JH

    He Lied to you!

    They are not aloud to do that, because you might come back one day, and they will want to start where you left off.

    You could change congregation, and come back. Everything is possible, so they will never do that.

  • kelpie

    Did they really do it..

    I would have requested to have a look at them and then destroyed them myself.

  • Vivamus

    Could one sue for it? I wonder.... In fact, it would be fun to call my former PO, think I'll do that.

  • rowdy

    I just dont see them fulfilling your request. Because you switch states later, then you could start out as a new brother and be servant then so on, who knows may be one day have Teddys job and be able to pull levers behind the curtain. Rowdy

  • sf

    Destroyed? Those records are yours! Like medical records. Ask them if they will NOT DESTROY them, yet release them to you, or your attorney.

    Mine are most likely shredded by now ('77), yet I have a feeling my name is on something. I did call a year ago asking for them. They told me they were destroyed. They are liars, in every way. Why would I believe them? Ha! I bet there's a 'record file' now...bwahhhhhhhhhhh ('sKallywagger-TheNakedApostate CODE RED) hahahaha

    I'll tell you this, anything 'jw/wt' that comes my way, stays my Way. It is a 'document' as far as I'm concerned. And it get's filed away.


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