Has anyone asked older Jdubs how they feel about the GB annointed getting younger?

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  • ToesUp

    I was always taught never to question a persons claim of being of the anointed. Why are the Elders and CO's giving these ones a hard time?

    We all know the consequences if we questioned the GB!

  • Magwitch
    Every "Anointed" member of JWdom that I have know in the last 30 years has been 100% flippin' nuts! The very first JW anointed people used to be a group that thought deep and wanted something more intelligent than what Christendom had to offer. They were curious about this new religion and devoured books that required thought. Now it is just a bunch of wackos reading picture brochures and watching Sophie cartoons while waiting for their rapture.
  • steve2

    But one thing I did notice about the general "annointed" when I was younger, they didn't particularly care about anything (quite non-judgemental) & they all used curse words when they spoke. They were actually hilarious to speak with.

    Hey Lieu, were we in the same congregation in New Zealand? When I was growing up, there was a handful of octogenarian Witnesses who could remember being called "Bible Students" in the pre-1931 period.

    One of their number was my maternal grandfather (by contrast, my grandmother considered herself one of the "other sheep").

    These anointed ones all proudly declared themselves to be of the anointed. It was no secret. They were also in their own way cheerfully eccentric. Consistent with your observastion, they were - how shall I put this? - not discreet with their robust and at times noisy language. Start them on the failings of the churches of Christendom and you would be hard pressed to shut them up. .

    This was in the days before the elder arrangement.

    The brothers seldom challenged these older ones and showed marvellous tolerance towards them. We thought they were colorful and maybe even a bit mad - but we loved and respected them. (I have to say my gradfather was the sanest of them all - but maybe I'm partial? Them were the days!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    It wasn't that long ago that there was no GB under 80 as they were all part of the 1914 generation. I am sure if Freddy was still around he would not have appointed these youngsters.

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