Has anyone asked older Jdubs how they feel about the GB annointed getting younger?

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  • sherrie11

    I was married to a 30 year old JW back in the 90's and he claimed to be of the annointed. He partook at the memorials and all the elders and older JDubs didnt believe him. They actually gave him a really hard time. (this was before they suggested ones like him may have mental issues) These elders,CO's along with men and women would now be around the ages of 60-80 years old and I often wonder how they feel now seeing some of the GB members being just over 55.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Mark Sanderson is @ 50. He bacame a member of the GB 3 years ago.

  • hardtobeme
    42 Y/O here. Started partaking when I was 34. I had a very hard time too with elders and C/O. I don't have any mental issues that I know of. I'm just obeying the Lord Jesus Christ to partake.
  • sherrie11

    I just can't get my head around the fact at that time in the early nineties the doctrine was still pretty much 'Thousands living will not die" and that they were really promoting how there were only a few thousand anointed left etc.

    There is one elder I really feel for as he and his wife were former Giliad Students Brooklyn Bethelites than Missionarys.. blah blah and didnt have kids. Now its 2015 and the GB are getting younger and he is probably 80 plus. He is a real organizations man. I wonder if he has had cognitive dissident moment in regard to this or is he so indoctrinated that it just gets accepted.

    Sanderson would of been 47!! when he became a GB how do the older ones get their heads around that!! Considering in their day it was generally accepted the anointed and GB would be old.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • prologos
    I thought getting younger was reserved for the despised Other Sheep, - never the paramount partakers, the GB.
  • Lieu

    My mother claims it now. Odd. But one thing I did notice about the general "annointed" when I was younger, they didn't particularly care about anything (quite non-judgemental) & they all used curse words when they spoke. They were actually hilarious to speak with.

    The GB's problem is that they are trying to rule while on earth while having no qualifications or authority to do so. Something the Apostles wouldn't even dare to attempt. They should have NEVER told anyone that the number was fulfilled, essentially "closing the gates of heaven". They weren't and aren't anybody to do that ... preposterous!

    But we must understand, when Western civilization got a hold of Christianity, they turned it into a means to grab power over people and enrich themselves by injecting pagan Western thought into a Middle Eastern religious belief. Western beliefs are that a small number of people are superior to everyone else. They "Lord" over everyone.

    Middle Eastern beliefs held that priests and teachers weren't superior, they simply had certain tasks to complete FOR the people. A prophet was someone who showed up to correct wrongful behavior ... but he or she was always correct in prophesy. Being incorrect gets them labeled 'false' and subsequently killed.

  • ShirleyW

    For anyone to think that they're one of anointed their ego must be ten times worst than that pompous elder we all know who thinks he get direction straight from Jah.

    I don't understand why they're letting the younger people partake instead of pulling them into the backroom and show them a few scriptures.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I know several "latter day" partakers, and all of them are on psychotropic drugs &/or bi-polar.


  • brandnew
    @doc,... I think Tropical psycho sounds more exciting 😂
  • Vidiot

    DesirousOfChange - "know several "latter day" partakers, and all of them are on psychotropic drugs &/or bi-polar."

    Every one I ever met seemed just a little... off.

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