A passing thought when driving past an inactive JWs place today.

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  • Alive!

    Thank you to Pete for writing with such thought and care.

    Much to ponder on.

  • Roxie

    Peter I agree with your post. There are exJW, who live with quilt complex, they don't join exjw forums to receive support... I woke up 2 years ago (after reading S. Hassan "Combatting Cult Mind Control") but was not ready to leave at the time. I was frightened, I was alone with my knowledge (at the time I was afraid of apostates and their websites). I decided to blend in... I was attending meetings, "proclaiming God's Word", meeting with JW young ones... Every time I met them, there was the thought: "If I told you what I really thought you wouldn't smile at me, you wouldn't be so nice, you would look at me with disgust" in my mind.

    After a year of trying to be one of them with my awareness I came to the conclusion that I coudn't bear it any more.Thanks to that year I know I won't come back to JW. NEVER ever in my life.

    So I left that org with strong belief that this was the best thing I could do!! Guilt? No! Jehovah's voice in my mind? No! The impression that Jehovah is looking at me from Heaven? No! Satan? What does this word mean? :P

    I consider this attitude as one of my biggest treasures. No quilt any more. What a relief!

  • Phizzy

    Don't forget folks that there are many of us who have left the JW's and are happy, fulfilled, balanced people leading upright lives.

    Not all of the above applies to me of course, the old balance seems to go after about 10 pints of strong Ale.

    I would bet that in modern times those leaving who then go on to be better people, and make a success of life, outweigh the odd losers.

  • tiki
    Perhaps the time spent in the religion robbed them of their self esteem and now they are in a careless mode as a result.
  • jws

    Dark Knight wrote:

    What a judgmental post. You know hardly anything about these women, other that they're inactive, and you call them fat and ugly.

    True, these women could be very happy and very nice people.

    Ugly is a matter of opinion. Although somebody smoking a cigarette usually lowers their attractiveness IMO. Not to mention the dried out skin and a hoarse voice of long-time users.

    Fat can somewhat be a matter of opinion. But sometimes you can't argue. Spin it how you like, but sometimes people are just fat. I think everybody would agree people like Chris Farley, John Candy, and John Goodman were/are fat. Doesn't mean they didn't entertain us. Doesn't mean they wouldn't be good people to know and be friends with. But they are fat. Is that a negative judgement? I think that's a question to ask yourself before pointing fingers at the OP.

    Why they're fat might not have anything to do with JWs. Probably more genetics. You've never seen somebody that was thin in their teens and fat at middle age? With a happy life?

    Ugly is, however, a negative judgement. And most likely a matter of personal opinion.

  • steve2

    Sexism and odd judgements aside, this could be the story of anyone, anywhere, male, female or other.

    Life is short and often we trade one form of consolation (e.g., religious promises) for another (e.g.,alcohol and drugs) and sometimes juggle the "spiritual" and the "worldly" to fall back on an old term. These are all ways to "get" through and cope with life.

    And sometimes it happens the other way around: Individuals who struggle through a harsh childhood and exist on junk food, turn their lives around as adults, religious beliefs or no religious beliefs and blossom.

    Understanding and compassion can take the edge off the urge to judge those whose trajectory appears headed downhill.

  • brandnew
    Maybe ya shoulda stopped and said hi......bet they are still "stunning personality wise" . just sayin.....i personally digg a woman with a cold beer in her hand ...shewt !!!! 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

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