Was It Too Much For My Dub In The Pub?

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  • Englishman

    Evenin' all,

    I'm feeling a little disappointed with my JW pal, the Dub in the Pub.

    We were having a good conversation over a few beers, and I actually got him to admit that he couldn't see the connection between the parable about the FDS and the 144,000 any more than I could.

    Yes, YEs, YES! I thought, now we're talking! Lets go for it!

    So I rowed in with "Jehovahs earthly organisation", and yes, he admitted, not much scripture to back up that particular doctrine either.

    And then he said, daft bugger, "Jehovah's name must be vindicated to all mankind, Satan must be proved a liar, an issue is at stake here".

    I went on to explain that the only reason that people hate the name Jehovah is because they associate it with Jehovahs witnesses, and it is the bad behaviour of JW's themselves ( stupid beliefs, breaking up families etc etc) that cause people to hate the name Jehovah. It's nothing to do with some donkeys years old conflict with Satan, it,s all to do with the people who have hijacked a Biblical name and nothing whatsoever to do with our Creator.

    I think that this was all a bit much for him and he left in a hurry, but after knowing him for almost 12 months now, I had to go for the throat on this occasion.

    Did I overdo it? I don't think so, I did something similar with my JW mum a while back, now she's talking about coming on holiday with her DF'd son (me), so maybe we all need to practice our one line ripostes in the hope that they will stick.


  • trevor

    Did you over do it Englishman?

    It depends. Who's turn was it to buy a roundwhen he left?
    Did he leave an untouched double scotch on the bar?
    Were you left alone or were there women there to console you?
    How can we make a judgement without all the facts?

  • Undecided

    Hi Englishman,

    I mentioned to my Aunt(A lifelong special pioneer)that none of the predictions of the GB had come true and a few other things that I have learned about the FADS. She hasn't called since. She was always comming by and saying how much I needed the organization and trying to get me back in the org. She is 82 and about to die and I hate to see her go but I can't ignore the facts of the disappointments that I have seen in the org for the last 60 years. My mother died as a special pioneer also and it hurts to see them waste their life in this work. I guess it doesn't matter, since we all will die and whatever we did won't amount to much anyway.


    Ken P.

  • Englishman

    Well, Trev, it was my round.

    He was at the Kronenburg, I was seeing off the Ushers best bitter.

    Ladies present were his non-dub wife who also smokes for Somerset.

    Some considerable ribaldry was also taking place re how many of our sheep the US could drop on China before they got irked by it.

    Englishman awaiting the verdict.

  • unanswered

    your huevos in this situation have inspired me to reconsider having a similar conversation with a jw relative, englishman. i get worried about the idea of doing so sometimes, but maybe sometimes you just have to dive right in, if it is a reasonable person you are going to be talking to. dub in pub agreed with you until the last point, right? so giving one more opinion wasn't uncalled for. i think most jws just have a "scare point" where it is just a little to much for them. how are we to know where that point is? maybe dub will think more about your conversation, realize you were being reasonable, and want to talk to you about it again. what? it could happen.:)-nate

  • CPiolo


    See Dogpatch's post "Why our beliefs are true..."



  • Farkel

    :I think that this was all a bit much for him and he left in a hurry, but after knowing him for almost 12 months now, I had to go for the throat on this occasion.

    Dubs always do that when they have no arguments. They are fleeing to the safety of the Bible's version of "Jehovah," who coincidentally has no arguments that make sense, either. Birds of a feather, and all of that.

    Of course none of this matters. God is going to KILL you, anyway!

    Enjoy your beer while you can, because you are toast!


  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo

    Hello Englishman,

    One day, oohhh one day I hope I will be able to make reasonable arguments against the WTBTS. I know a lot of "good stuff" about the org. But I just need to be 100% sure that I have good arguments when needed. I know it will back fire otherwise.
    (All my family-in-law are JWs).

    But I know that it takes time (for me anyway) to really feel comfortable with the informations I read. I need to take on topic at a time and really study it...

    But one day (and I think it will be in the near future) I will take e.g. the 1914 issue up with my wifes sisters husband (don't know the word for that "role")...

    Wish me luck

    To answer your qeustion. I think you should grab the chance while you have it. And so I think you did just fint. It might be a while before you should try the topic again. But who knows - he might just start asking you qestions he have had a long time but have ignored until now.

    (I have several times been very close to start a discussion in the thursday-evening-study group which I attend every ones in a while - but I realise that it probably would be quite unwize)

    Take care
    Mr Magoo

  • Tina

    Hi Eguy,
    How you doin?
    I was wondering what was going on w/ your dub lately...
    I dont think you overdid it-like Farkel said,when they have no answers they do tend to run. Happens on the boards here too.
    Ta! Tina

  • Prisca
    Some considerable ribaldry was also taking place re how many of our sheep the US could drop on China before they got irked by it.

    Well, they dropped a plane onto China and the Chinese weren't too happy about that!


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