Interesting Article: New human link found "Homo Naledi"

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  • Bonsai
    Just read it on CNN! Neanderthals who possibly buried their own dead. Imagine that! Sophisticated humanoids who lived 10,000+ years ago. I wonder if the ransom applies for them, too.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
  • Heaven

    Very cool. I love this stuff! I would have to think that Africa would become like a Mecca of archeological digs once the DNA/genome project discovered that the 'homo' species line originated there.

    LOL @ Bonsai. But it is a legitimate question. IF Adam and Eve are only thought to be 6,000 years old, then 'original sin' did not exist before that time, hence, homo naledi would not qualify for needing a saviour or the church for that matter.

    I often pondered as a child those in the world that had never heard of Jesus. I knew people like this existed. Even today we are still discovering indigenous tribes people who have never had any close contact with the rest of the world. When you see aerial photographs of these people, they certainly don't look Christian, Jewish, or Islamic.

  • notsurewheretogo

    They fit in about 200,000 years ago so I read...

    Clearly Satan at it AGAIN by planting misleading evidence, will he ever learn it won't detract from the obvious truth that humans have only been on this planet for 6,000 years?


    Enough fossils to be found in our Parliament here in South Africa !

    Yep it was big news here today - Makes a break from the daily dose of violence, crime and political shannigans !

  • WingCommander
    Pretty sure Satan put them there to throw off Christians. lol.
  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    Haven't you heard? The creative days, or "overlapping days", spanned millions of years. And Adam, or "overlapping Adam", was a representation of all forms of monkey and man. Monkeys don't know they are naked, men do. See? Proof. Now turn to song number 199 in your song book "Wonderful Witness Cart", and afterward, brother Mo Lester will offer a word of prayer.
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  • Saintbertholdt

    Yeah but where's the transitional species between homo naledi and homo sapien? huh huh?

    Evolution 0 Creationism +1

    Also Naledi's fossil has better teeth than I have. It hows that we have devolved and gone backwards. So evolution cannot be true.

    Evolution 0 Creationism +2

    Also it looks like a chimpanzee

    Evolution 0 Creationism +3

    Also it has curved fingers. Using tools? Bah. Probably a calcium deficient diet.

    Evolution 0 Creationism +4

    Also it was buried in a cave. They say its a "burial ground" but the remains were probably just washed in there when the water canopy broke during the flood.

    Evolution 0 Creationism +5

    Remember evolution is just a theory. On Darwin's death bed he prayed to Jesus to forgive him for the sin of introducing such heresy.

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