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  • Truth and Justice
    Truth and Justice

    A brother goes to the Thursday night meeting, and an elder says that he and a couple of elders would like to visit with him. He says "Well, what about?" The elder says "well lets wait till after the meeting." So he waits. After the meeting they meet up, and the COBE or the Presiding Overseer (PO) says: Brother X, it has been brought to our attention by a person in the congregation that you wear a necklace under your shirt and that you seem to be sporting a $1000.00 watch. Is that true. Brother X says, "Yes, Bother overseer, my wife bought these for me as a gift. Is there anything wrong" So the PO says, "dont you realize that - that is very showy, materialistic, and causing a another brother to feel bad? You know the societies recommendations for such things!" And of course, the other 2 elders are nodding there head in agreement as the Presiding Overseer is speaking.

    I must tell you that Bother X is very well aware of the hypocrisy going on thru out the society, and he begins to say the following in reply to the Presiding Overseer:

    "I see no wrong here, my wife bought it for me, it was her money. The society wears stuff like that, and they do it all the time." The PO says " No, they do not do such things, they wouldn't be caught doing things like that, they are men of example". Well, Bother X has had it, and he lays it on the line, and says "You men are lying to me, you can't tell me that there not doing it, because I was watching the last podcast, and do you 3 see what this Man of example as you call it is wearing on his wrist?" His watch is at least $17,000." And of course, he's got his iphone out to show them the video, and says, "See!"

    Well, the PO and the other 2 elders don't say anything, for the fact that they were absolutely speechless and the PO says "Well, we just don't want anyone to get stumbled." That was the brunt of the conversation for about 25 minutes, and they left.

    I have seen this very example going on when I was in the organization. Happily, for over 25 years, I can say that I am truly free. What I would like to know is - What is the PO and the elders looking at? They have to see this, aren't they watching the broadcast? I can imagine the talk is boring, so they got to look at something. I really pity these people, the people are starving for real food, and they go home sick.

    I really do feel for all of you still in, and have never failed to think of the suffering you all deal with. I hope things will soon change and I continually pray for your freedom!

    As I like to say "Happy Trails to all!" TNT

  • Ghiagirl
    I also pity anyone still in. Even those who aren't awake yet. Some days I want to cry thinking of family and friends that are such amazing people, wasting their lives away, thinking that they know the truth. How lucky I am to have woken up, to think I will never have my family and friends back like I used to have them. That my husband and I will never go have a family dinner with our relatives, because they believe god wants them to shun their own blood. I was once a true believer and my heart aches for those blindly following lies.
  • Zoos

    For all the problems that could... AND DO exist in a congregation, the elders zeroed in on a watch and necklace? It smells of wagging the dog. Is this tactic designed to keep the flock's attention focused on their own inability to live up to God's standards so they won't have time to contimplate what's happening to the organization world-wide.

    It's backfiring, boys!

  • Diogenesister

    Perhaps I am not understanding you fully, as I am a little confused (it happens when you get a little long in the tooth).

    Is this a story you heard? Its just if you have been out for 25 years it could not have happened in your own day. Do you mean to say you have seen thingslike this?

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Had I been brother X I would have calmly suggested he mind his own business and guard himself against jealousy.

    He did good by the way!

    Zoos: Spot on!

  • WTWizard

    And how far will they take this out? My silver collection will not "stumble" anyone if they never get to see any of it, and I do not intend to display it so everyone in the congregation can see it easily. And neither will the LED light bulbs I got through my whole apartment--that is, unless they bother to take the fixtures apart, look inside my closet to see the LED bulb in the fixture, and pry where they don't have any business. Maybe it bothers me that everyone is forced to comply, and that everyone has to be destitute and have those headache bulbs that can burn your house down when they go out.

    Will they stop there? Or, perhaps they go back to the white dress shirt requirement and make it mandatory. Any other color might bother someone. While they are at it, they make the requirement that everyone wear their suit coat while in field circus even if it is 45 C out and muggy. While they are at it, why not make it dark gray? And black shoes that are so uncomfortable that you couldn't walk 50 meters in them, a circus bag that is a specific brand and style, and ties that are plain gray. "Sisters" could be banned from having certain styles of dresses simply because the patterns are too interesting. Never mind that they are prudish enough--the pattern might get banned if they are more complex than solid colors (preferably black and white).

    And where will the ice cream cone thing stop? Will it spread to items carried in field circus to make it a bit easier? What about people that bring a calculator? Or, they have an Android phone instead of the iPhone? Or, a flashlight--which could save you a month in the hospital if the electricity goes out while you are climbing stairs. (Not to mention, the Fenix LD22 I got in 2012 will last until it gets lost, sparing me future expenses and allowing me to use NiMH batteries, saving me even more money). Or, will they expand the ban to those coffee drinks that cost about twice or more what an ice cream cone costs? So much for going to Seven-11 to get an orange juice during hot weather. Will they expand it to doughnuts? Virtually everything except rice and dried beans could be banned following the ice cream cone.

    As for the watch, it is fairly easy to see why spend that much money. In the long run, it is cheaper to spend a lot of money on a quality item once than to spend less on it only to have to keep replacing it when it craps out. I spent 250 toilet papers on a Casio sports watch that has a crude weather station on it, and after 4 years it is still in near-perfect condition save for minor surface wear on the case from regular use. Better to get a more basic watch so it will crap out or I will not be able to tell a rapidly falling barometer as a warning of that thunderstorm that is about to hit? Or, that Blunt umbrella that will not blow inside out in anything short of a hurricane--I spent 80 toilet papers on that thing. Better that than to spend 10 an a crap-mart model that will blow inside out or crap out after three small rain events or in winds of 20 km/h?

    And since when am I the exemplar? I am not, not even here. If it is blatant that one of the people running the show, who are supposed to set the example, has a very expensive watch and colored dress shirts, why should I be banned from having colored shirts and a moderately expensive watch? Or a quite expensive and rugged umbrella (that is bright yellow, so if I ever have to cross a street in busy traffic in rainy conditions, it will show up)? Obviously, with Saturn headed back into Sagittarius in a few more days, I am not willing to take chances--either with being forced against my will back into the washtowel under legal threats or with the dollar becoming toilet paper.

  • Tenacious

    @ Diogenesister - I'm with you on this one. I don't know if I misunderstood or misread. Either way the response by the elders is probably right on. When backed into a corner they revert to ignorance and parrot their little secret manual. It's rather disturbing to see so many people on the same pipe inhaling the same smoke.

    It makes me sick that I have to sit through an assembly this weekend.

  • sir82

    What is the PO and the elders looking at? They have to see this, aren't they watching the broadcast?

    Loyal JWs don't even notice whether the GB broadcasters are wearing any watch or not. Their attention is held elsewhere.

    Basically, to notice the brand of watch, you've got to freeze the frame and blow it up to 500% or 1000%.

    That is, essentially, "looking for trouble". Why would any loyal JW want to do that?

  • ToesUp

    They keep the drones so busy, they don't have time to think.

    We have mentioned some perks to a family member regarding some of the "perks" these members receive from the rank and file. It is just dismissed as, "well, Brothers and Sisters that have businesses, such as jewelry businesses give these members gifts."

    There is no reasoning with some. They are so amazed by these men. Like the pope! They can do NO WRONG.

  • StarTrekAngel
    My wife was chastised by "holier than thou" pioneer sister. Sister chased after her after the meeting prior to field service for wearing an anklet. Told her that anklets were the adorn of prostitutes.

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