A new religion/cult?

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  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    Hello Everybody,

    it has been a while that I didn't post. As some of you may know I live in Italy and ( maybe ) something curious is happening. Since a couple of months a group of elders ( ex elders maybe?? ) ) and bethelites ( ex? ) started a new religion called.

    By the way; they will deny they are Jws or exJws but it is to evident they are.

    They have a website where they explain their theories. For example; instead of calling god Jehovah they call him Yahweh and they don't obey to,the GB but besides this it is the usual JW crap or even worse.

    Besides this they have another website geova.org where they try to wake up Jws by explaing them ( a lot of posts ) that everything what the Wts has told them till now is complety wrong.

    The point is ; their BS is even worse! How can people after a life in the Wts even consider to switch, will they ever learn?

    I don't think that a lot of Jws follow them, maybe more people like us.

    Is something similar going on in your country? New danger for the GB??

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Bravissimo Roberto! The very last thing the GB want: the organisation to splinter itself to death.

    Let's hope the idea catches on...everywhere!

  • Bonsai
    A Japanese proverb states that, "kaeru no ko wa kaeru desu." The child of a frog is a frog. It might start off looking different, but in the end, a cult that breaks off from a cult is just another wannabe cult. I'm sure there are many other "children" that branch off the JWs that we don't even know about.
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Ciao Roberto,

    From the looks of it, this movement seems comprised of a much younger demographic than the likes of the old guard -- Achille Aveta, Sergio Pollina, Roberto di Stefano, ecc. Also, do you have any idea if it's a real bona fide Bethelite that's responsible for the "betelitaconsapevole" blog? Also what was the average JW's reaction to Antony Morris's rant during his February visit?

  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    Hi Room 215,

    yes, I think that proclamatoreconsapevole and betelliteconsapevole are run by the same guy and we believe he is a real Bethelite. If these guys have something to do with Zion I am not so sure. Definitvely the guys you mentioned are not involved.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    There has been break offs from the Witnesses from the very beginning. They go nowhere and have wayyyyyyy out there crazy ideas. Nothing new.
  • freddo
    But now they are on the net for all to see.
  • sir82

    Frankly I'm surprised that this is not far more common.

    There are a boatload of JWs who love God and more or less most of the JW doctrines, but are increasingly fed up with the hamster-wheel routine of obedience, meeting attendance, field service, etc.

    If there were easily available & appealing alternatives, such as apparently is the one referred to in the OP, and they could get over their deeply instilled fear of disloyalty to the organization, I believe half or more would leave overnight.

  • millie210

    I love what half banana said about splinters above.

    Perhaps instead of death by a thousand cuts the Org will die the death of a thousand splinters?

  • Watchtower-Free

    There is a Watchtower spin off thats 100 yrs old. The founder studied with Bible students

    prior to 1914 then came back to his home in the Philippines. They claim millions of

    members just in that country. Its called

    Iglesia ni Cristo and has similar beliefs as JWs


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