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  • Zoos

    I was just having a similar conversation recently but more along the line of Jesus being as good a GOD STORY as any other.

    I am not willing to abandon my belief in God - whatever His definition may be. I also do not think I am qualified to scour the holy books and come up with anything other than just another version of almighty truth. SO, I have decided that the GOD IDENTITY is not relevant, that I can show respect to THE GOD via whatever mental image I may arrive at without offending Him.

    JESUS is as good a GOD story as any and I will be happy to partake of the wine and bread on a yearly basis as my way of showing appreciation and respect. I don't think for a moment He gets his celestial girdle in a twist if we don't have the details about Him correct.

    The details don't matter to me anymore.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Bosani & Zoos thanks for the replys. My answer to both your posts:-

    Maybe we all wish to believe in a world where there are only kind hearted people, and none are stoned for adultery of mind and body. This is why I believe " Hollywood" created the hero who will fight to the death in a " just war" but in peace would never inflict pain on a spider.

    However the interesting observation is, what happens when Robin Hood marries Lady Marrion and goes off to live a quite life?

    He is forgotten.

    So in my opinion, Jesus could never marry " Lady" Magdalene, he would have been forgotten. But he did have to die a violent death for the story true or false to endear 2000 years.

    Not only did Jesus die this violent death, he did it for our personal salvation. In my opinion this is why the story has appeal for male and female of different cultures and has transcended time. It is the greatest story ever written.

    Personally for me a story with miracles is simply a story.

    The Rebel.

  • Bonsai

    Who is Bosani? LOL

    My name is bonsai as in this:

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel
    :-) :-)
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Maybe this thread has " NAILED" why the story of Jesus has survived over 20000 years?

    What I find interesting though is that a man " NAILED" to a cross 2,0000 years ago, has made so many billions for organisations, and millions for individuals. ( Ironic for a man who never even owned his own home)

    The Rebel

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