How about some NEW dates!!

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  • jst2laws

    ____________________________________________________________________ The fact of the matter is that for the first 50 years the WT made a
    huge deal out of the 1874 date. Yet, when they dropped it nobody seemed to say `boo..` No doubt dropping 1914 would have a huge impact on the older JWs, but most of them wouldn`t quit anyway.
    That’s an excellent point. I’d like to add something. If I remember right, they started to hint about 1874 in the mid 1920’s but did not outright change the start of the presence of Christ to 1914 until about 1942. But this major change was accompanied by Freddie’s revelation that Russell was mislead by the King James Translation into a 100 year chronology mistake. This mistake we were told did not affect the 1914 date but affected the 6000 years of mans history. This 6000 years was one of Russell’s means of arriving at 1874. But with this 100 correction we were given 1974/75 to look forward to for the first time. The point is it is easiest to discard a sacred date when it is replaced with something new to look forward to. Now it is not an admission of error but heroic “new light” from Jehovah.

    Here is my fear. Russell fooled around with the Jubilee calculations until he could make them fit 1874 to conform to his 6000 year calculations. If we don’t mess with the 49 year vs. 50 year jubilees as Russell did, the society’s math presently arrives 2025 for the beginning of the 70th Jubilee. After all these mistakes could it still be too tempting for the boys to resist dropping 1914 by refocusing on 2025?

  • JWD

    I don`t believe the WTS has completely written off the idea of using
    dates again to give a sense of immediacy to their message.Here in Japan all thruough 1999 the mass media was buzzing with stories about
    the end of the world.The result was various books with various theories about the end coming in 1999 sold like hot cakes (Needless to
    say when 2000 rolled around you couldn`t give them away!). So obviously false prophecy SELLS BOOKS. Without some kind of unique
    teaching about Armageddon which has some appeal to new people,the
    WTS really has nothing to offer that sets it apart from other religions. All of it`s other `so-called` unique teachings can be
    found in any number of other religions.Those who have been inside
    for a few years know all too well that it isn`t `God`s CLEAN organization` and the `love shower` turns cold after a while,so
    what`s left? What can the org. put forth as the irrefutable evidence
    of being God`s sole channel of Truth? Doesn`t the very name Watchtower
    have to do with fortelling the coming judgement. One brother refered
    to the NOV.1995 WT article about the NEW LIGHT on the meaning of the
    word `Generation`. The amazing thing was that the `experts` who were
    quoted in order to support the orgs. new light were all protestant
    scholars.On top of that the month before when the article came out
    and pushed the dividing of the sheep and the goats to the future it
    brought the WT teaching in line with Christendom!! Why should the
    NEW LIGHT bring the teaching back in line with Babylon!!? It seems the
    more changes which are made to a more `balanced view`,the more the
    org. just proves that it`s NOT God`s channel for anything. JWD

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