The Paranormal

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  • Je.suis.oisif
    Peony. I followed the wt blurb on demons hook, line and sinker. I noticed you too are from the UK. Can I please suggest you google mumsnet classics. There's a thread on really woooo stuff. I'm really sceptical. But this thread left me aarrrggghhhh. Won't visit loo in middle of night without lighting up the upper floor like Blackpool illuminations. I'm now convinced there's more out there than we can explain. Dont be freaked out by my experiences. You must convince yourself.
  • Vidiot
    I've thought about this a bit, and concluded that the more genuinely anxious you are of the "paranormal" - regardless of whether or not it's actually real - the more negative an emotional and/or physical effect it will have on you - once again, regardless of whether or not it's actually real.
  • Je.suis.oisif

    Oogie ha ha. Honestly, I'd never heard of this smurf urban legend before lurking on this forum.

    Vidiot I think you may be right. I want you to be right. All this guff freaks me out

  • truthseeker100
    My wife is always reading horrorscopes and listening to fortune tellers on tv ect. She was born and raised a Catholic and has never been a Witness so I guess all religious cults have a similar affect on their members. I treat it all as poppy cock and it frustrates her sometimes LOL. I will wholeheartedly back any soothsayer or fortune teller that can successfully give me the next winning numbers in the Lotto 649 in advance. Barring that they are funny to watch sometimes and see all the people they draw in and watch how serious they are taken.
  • Je.suis.oisif
    truthseeker 100. Humour seems to be cathartic atm. Your post reminds me of a billboard advertising Clairvoyant/medium meeting tonight at 7:30. Then a big banner across it saying "cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances"
  • jws

    Look up James Randi for videos and books. Also known as "The Amazing Randi". He's a magician who is happy to admit he is tricking you. But what really gets him is the claim by performers that they have true supernatural powers.

    For years, he has been offering a reward to anyone who can demonstrate true supernatural abilities in a controlled experiment. It was up to 1 million dollars. It may be more now. But it has not been claimed. What does that tell you? You'd think if it were real, somebody would come forward and claim the money.

    Many of these people are fairly clever. But, out of their element can't perform their "magic" when they can't control the conditions. At one time, he was the bane of Uri Geller's existence. One time, prior to a visit to the Carson show, Carson's stage crew consulted with Randi and Geller was unable to perform any of his miracles because the stage crew, while allowing for true miracles, prepped the equipment against tricks.

    I used to love the "masked magician" shows that showed how different tricks were performed and love the way James Randi exposes many tricks. My biggest complaint is that he doesn't share more due to wanting to hide the secrets of magicians.

    Regarding "psychics", I've heard James Randi and others say we tend to remember the hits and dismiss the misses. Next time you get a reading, set your phone to record. Afterwards, play it back. Make a hit and miss chart and see how many checks end up in each column. I'd also count the guesses too. LIke when they say I'm sensing somebody who's name begins with "R", Robert, Russell, etc. Don't volunteer anything. Let them guess. Check all the wrong ones as misses. My guess is you'll see they're very inaccurate.

    Also note that they are trained to pick up on things. Not supernaturally, but through the power of observation. From the car you drive to the clothes you wear, it gives them inklings. And, of course, your reactions and things you say. Do a good poker face. And keep in mind, some things are common to most of us. If we're not married, we are probably hoping for love. We probably all want more money. Most of us could lose a few pounds. It's no psychic feat to guess you are the same. It's more like demographics.

  • ozbrad

    James Randi has a documentary about his life including the million dollar challenge on Netflix

  • Illuminated

    There is truth to certain aspects of astrology, and people who are mediums/clairvoyant (I'm not talking about crystal balls or "horoscopes"). I'm talking about the deeper aspects of astrology that go back throughout time. The full depth of astrology. Think of it this way, everything on this planet is connected to one another including the moon/sun. We need the sun and the moon to survive. Plants and animals need the sun/moon to grow and survive as well. Specific plants for instance, bloom during a certain time of the year and have specific characteristics compared to a flower that grows during a specific time of the year with the sun and the moon in certain phases/cycles.

    How are humans any different when everything is connected? Place a horoscope to the side, which I haven't read in 15 years, if you study the deeper aspects of astrology, and observe humans, you'll start to notice the pattern, the confirmation.

    As for mediums, etc, etc. There are the legit types, and then there are con artists. However a medium/clairvoyant, will tell you themselves that they aren't above you, they are simply more open to being guided by their senses/intuition. Personally, I've seen quite a few. One in particular, one of the sweetest old ladies I had met, would take a piece of paper, draw on it, and tell me what was going on in my life, past/present and future. She'd also describe people connected to me fully. She'd go in very specific details, no one would have known. I would take the predictions with a grain of salt. Yet, 95% of everything she stated, came about.

    Was she God? Was a demon using her lol? No. Her senses were more open, she was simply more tuned in then most of us allow ourselves to be. I myself have dreams and many come about, they're either about people I know, or people I don't know, later meet and it's confirmed. Also, the name of the person who calls me appears in my mind before I answer it. I can also often feel people and know what they're going through whether or not I've spoken to them recently or if it's been months.

    Another thing, I have a friend in his 40's who has seen spirits since he was a child up until now. It's not something he's asked for, it's just been the norm to him. Mediums are also used by detectives in some cases of murders, etc, etc.

    Explore, play around. Keep a balance.

  • apostrate


    Read and heed the post above by jws. You obviously have access to the internet, use it! Research "cold readings", skeptics, illusions, and magic tricks.

    Personally, i did my homework on this subject at the same time that I did my homework on the Watchtower. One thing that I noticed was how much the WT employed many of the same tactics as the "psychics".

    There is a psychic out there named John Edward (not to be confused with former politician John Edwards). This guy is the worst of the worst in my opinion. He is just not that good at what he does, and yet he is one of the most popular.

  • apostrate

    I realize that this link that I have listed is a cartoon, mostly, but it raises some good points for one to ponder.

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