The Paranormal

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  • Peony

    I'm interested to know if anyone has been to see a medium/clairvoyant since leaving JW's. I must admit now I can make my own choices I seem to have a fascination with it although haven't acted on it as a) Am I just jumping into believing another load of rubbish? And b) what if it really is the demons pretending to be loved ones!!!

  • wisdomfrombelow
    Definitely A...another load of rubbish
  • Je.suis.oisif

    Peony. Hi, I'm new like you. I was involved with the paranormal before becoming a jw. My aunt was a high level medium ??wtf. I had really terrifying experiences when I started studying. I would go to the church of parapsychology with said aunt to have one-on-one consulations, and I would freak the mediums out. They were unaware I was studying. They would try to hold my head in their hands, and land up throwing me away from them like I was electrifying them. You know like John Travolta in Grease "It's electrifying". They told me they couldn't speak to me because I was now "walking with God". This convinced me I was doing the right thing.

    It's your voyage of discovery, but be very careful. Take care.

  • Saintbertholdt

    Well I dabbled with the occult. Bell, book, chalice, candle and all the rest.

    I had a hooded cloak made by a lady who ran an esoteric shop. Turns out she was a witch (or so she claimed). It was a very nice black cloak I have to say. After she closed up her shop she went back to teaching and became the principal of a middle school no less.

    I sold the cloak at a jumble sale. Hopefully its found its way to the house of unsuspecting JW's who have been tormented ever since. Mwuaaaaa hahahahaha.

    My experience is that there's nothing there except for what you bring to it in terms of your imagination.

    If you're superstitious and you believe its going to negatively affect you, then stay away.

    Otherwise have fun with it but don't take a mediums charlatanery seriously :)


  • Peony
    Ok, je suis, your story freaked me out!! Think I may stay away. I'm struggling though with the fact that does that mean the JW's are right saying it was demons! Why else would the mediums have that reaction!
  • Oogie
    Or, Je suis is just saying that...think about all the JW folk-tales about Smurfs running away from the KH and the like...
  • Peony
    Thanks saintberthdt think I will stay away. I have a very active imagination and am very impressionable (probably why I was a witness until I was 44)!!
  • Peony
    Blimey I'd forgotton about the smurfs (and the teletubbies)!
  • Saintbertholdt
    Why else would the mediums have that reaction!

    Mediums pick up on your attitude. If you're freaked out or you have trepidation it will influence their "reading".

    I stay in an old house. My neighbors next door as well.

    They claim to hear ghosts. I hear the creaking of an old house.

    It depends on what beliefs you bring to the table.

  • LisaRose
    I did a tarot card reading just out of curiosity. She did get some things right, but it was nothing I would consider proof of anything supernatural. I think some people are just good at reading reactions and are very intuitive. I certainly would not plan my life around anything they say, but if it's just for fun, why not?

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