Do we come here to "convince" ourselves?

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  • ballistic

    There is something else at play here. People get addicted to on-line communities of all different kinds. Some ex-witnesses are here just becuase of that. I will agree that this is special. It does provide real support for poeple. I don't want to get flammed, but am just stating a fact, that a proportion of the people here, or at least a proportion of some participant's posts are due to the on-line community phenomena, and not the ex-witness effect.

    ok, flame away!

  • Gizmo

    To be absolutely Honest, I found this site by pure accident. I have been out of the (b)org now physically, for around 3 years maybe. That was the last time I attended any meetings.

    One Sunday morning around the beginning of December 2002, I flicked the TV to a current affairs program called strangely enough "Sunday" here in OZ.

    They were reviewing some of the cover stories they had up through the year before the end of the season, the story immediately caught my attention cos the words "Jehovah's Witnesses" were uttered, plus an elder I had known well was featured in this story!

    Well the story was about Silent_Witnesses as it wasn't the full story being presented, cos they were only reviewing the years stories, I decided to go online and see if The "Sunday" program had a transcript of the full story.

    I managed to find their website, and the story, and what I read not only disgusted me, but, made me want to find out more.

    Yes, believe it or not I was totally oblivious of these types of goings on in the society, I didn't watch current affairs TV much or read newspapers, most stories kinda depressed me, and after leaving the (b)org I decided to keep my life as simple as possible.

    So, as I surfed the net looking for more stories on JW's, I stumbled across this site, decided to have a look, and thought it was a bit of fun initially until I realised, the helpful information I could obtain, plus, I am very much a loner type person now, and this is the only place where I seem to have anything in common with others. Other Forums or chatrooms just don't hold much interest for me. Our past experiences with the (b)org still links us somehow, someway.

    I don't try to convince anyone that the (b)org isn't the "Truth", it is up to each individual to decide that for themselves, I had enough of trying to convince people of anything while in the (b)org.

    Although this is not my life here, I must admit it becomes somewhat addictive, but as I said it's mainly that we all have a common link to the past, as we all believed we had a common worldwide brotherhood while on the inside!

    I certainly do not need to keep convincing myself the (b)org is not for me by coming here, to need that kind of reassurance from a site like this would only indicate I was a weak minded type person, that can easily be manipulated, to believe anything. My personal decision to leave the (b)org was well thought out.

    Here are some more links to the Sunday Program




  • KGB

    So gumby am I to take it that how they treat you is how you should treat them? Is it two wrongs only make it half right?

  • SheilaM

    I am an adult I don't need "convincing" I do need friends and that is why I am here and I thank you all for being that

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    a lot of us were convinced before the internet existed

    Spot on Brummie. I left in 1989, before Al Gore invented the Internet. But if this is the truth then shouldnt it be able to stand up to pointed questions. Shouldnt it the truth be able to withstand a few dozen people corresponding via the Internet? I think anyone who comes here has already made their mind up and are looking for support, and perhaps even a shoulder to cry on. Whats so wrong with that?


    When dubs leave the JW`s most feel alone.WBTS makes dam sure thier active members(your old friends)make you feel that way.. The WBTS has demanded you abbandon all your support systems but theirs..Now that you see the bastards for what they are,you literally have to start a new life..They told you you would be alone and they were right,thats how they set it up,and you took the bait..Then you find a place like this.Here you find people just like you who have similar backrounds and experiences..You are no longer alone..Thats a good start on your path to a new life.A life you chose without the influence of a corrupt publishing company that pretends it`s a religion...OUTLAW

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  • gumby


    So gumby am I to take it that how they treat you is how you should treat them? Is it two wrongs only make it half right?

    Hi KGB. I don't follow you. I never said anything in my post about how to treat them.The topic is.......why are we on this site and I simply responded with some reasons. I like your name BTW!

    In answer to your question though......I don't treat them like they treat me. They won't talk to me.......but I would with them if they didn't mind. I would help all my OLD friends too if they would ask. As long as they were honest with me, and not using me for something, I would treat them fine.


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