A Walk in the Moonlight

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    A walk in the moonlight will do me good.

    I shall understand inner turmoil in a new light, that proffered by the softly suffused illumination della bella luna. The black shadow of the walking dead, cast upon a meandering path by the gracious moon, will be my companion.

    Treading my way slowly, reverentially, to the frosty view above that patiently awaits me, I stop dead at land's end. Full, round, and gleaming is beauty supernal: my exquisite, my lovely Moon. How I wish to touch her but am overwhelmed by giant sentinels whose barren arms stretch with desperate longing toward her. For all their height, those statuesque trees are no more able to caress her silvery face than I. The eternal, unrequited pining for what is enthroned on high.

    I am seeking something, but it remains unnamed and unknown. Who will tell me who I am and where I am going? A thankless and lonely quest has it been all these years. The lunar queen has no spoken answer, perhaps, yet her presence comforts me as none other can.

  • compound complex
  • Perry

    I can't wait to go camping on a full moon night soon. Building a treehouse for my boys. Hope to be done by mid September. Already picked out the tree and cleared the area.

    The moon is mysteriously comforting.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Wishing you and your boys happy trails, Perry.

    "The moon is mysteriously comforting."



  • humbled


    The moon is a lovely companion even if she doesn’t speak, hey, Coco?

    And a tree house is another world. That a great thing to do for your kids, Perry.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, humbled, for your thoughts and the lovely "moon" piece. I do happen to play it on the piano.

  • LV101

    Ahh, the ambience/grandeur of the moon -- enjoyed reading of your moonlight stroll. I live in 90% glass house and my splendid moon shines in nightly - almost - it's breathtaking.

  • recovering

    An what beautiful prose. It is reminiscent of Robert Frost.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, LV101 and recovering, for responding. I like writing about "Her," for reasons you've stated -- and then some.

    While the poetic prose is largely metaphorical, I wondered when I wrote the above (edited) some eight years ago if it would appear Goddess Moon had supplanted Jehovah in my affections. In my original JWD thread, Dark Moon, I built up a narrative around what Job had declared an impossibility for him: secretly worshipping the moon.

    Yet, I have gotten favorable replies from JWs on other forums.

    Best Wishes, all.

    BTW, LV101: Conversely, do those who live in stone houses throw glass?

  • mother Teresa
    mother Teresa

    And lo, beware!

    Beware of the moon that comes on sunrise high

    And lo, beware!

    Beware of the sun that comes on moonlight nigh

    . . . yes, how lovely is 'A Walk in the Moonlight'

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