So Can DF'ing Be A Bonus?

by Englishman 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    No, DFing is always bad.

    The risk versus reward for disfellowshipping is so disproportionate as to make your hypothesis incorrect in my opinion.

    The risk of psychological damage vs the possible reward of successfully achieving personal freedom is simply too great.

    I enjoy my freedom, but at a heinously high cost. It has done untold damage to my psyche and to that of the others in my circle who have been disfellowshipped.

    It is always a horrible horrible horrible thing. It is unfair in that men are allowed to judge which sinners are repentant and which are wicked. How foolhardy.

    It grieves me greatly to think about it.


  • neyank

    Hi Englishman,
    I do think disfellowshipping can be a bonus if the person being disfellowshipped
    spends his/her time to investigate the WTS.
    I think the person that gets kicked out is less likely to remain loyal to the WTS
    command not to get on the computer sites that deal with the WBTS.

    However, it's not so much a bonus if that indiviual is really convinced that
    the WTS is Gods org. and they have family trapped in it.


  • hippikon


    make comments like how your sex life has dramatically improved

    Absolutely true

  • JT


    is corrrect if one is dfed and fails to examine they will walk around thinking many times that this is still god's org despite what they do

    as one poster put it while talking to a dfed jw drawing a puff on a Cancer Stick he states THIS IS STILL GOD'S ORG

    so they need to look into thing if they want to get it together


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