My Book, 'Gifts in Men', by Patricia F.Sadio

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  • Pubsinger

    It's a bit to do with forum history. New posters have in the past solicited for money, or told all sorts of wild stories (not in book form tho lol!) One even invented an imaginary partner who then got 'terminally ill' causing much upset.

    So many are cautious about new posters 😊

  • GiftsinMen
    Mmm! I guess this is why I have avoided social media for so long...lots of negative pre-judgements and difficulty with Truth. Sounds a bit too familiar. May not be a healthy place for me. I might stick to my writing.
  • Pubsinger
    Well in fairness I'd say people are cautious as not everyone here is as they appear. Much like life in general 😉
  • GiftsinMen
    Thanks for taking the time to vouch for me pubsinger. It is sad to have be so cautious but I guess betrayal of trust does that to people. The negative can so outweigh the positive and I have received lots of positives on here too so thanks to everyone on this thread.
  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman
    The truth is this: its hard to get any notice of a real book that is published, never mind a self published book about being a Jehovah's Witness. No one cares and that is why nobody reads these types of books. They may be important to you, but the truth is nobody else cares or you wouldn't be on here pimping it out.
  • OrphanCrow
    GiftsinMen: ...lots of negative pre-judgements and difficulty with Truth...

    *psssssttt....truth is spelled with a lower case "t", not a capital T.

    There is no "Truth".

  • steve2

    To paraphrase an old saying: "A man's got to sell his wares to survive (or be noticed, validated, empowered, etc)". There ain't nothing wrong with self-promotion in a world where every Tom, Dick and Patricia is self-publishing books on the JW experience.

    On the question of the negative response of some posters on this thread, so be it. It is simplistic to portray the JWs as uniformly negative in their manner as it is to portray/ expect ex-JWs to be a uniformly receptive and positive book-buying group. We are humans (a trite but necessary observation) and as such will be varied in our outlook and comments - although to be on the receiving end of harshness may have increased the likelihood of rendering us a bit more empathic.

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