The Long Goodbye......

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  • Tina

    I wouldnt be so quick to point the finger at all the h20 posters. Lurkernomore and alisases,bad associate and aliases were not from h20-in fact they're from here. And they begam most if not almost all the trouble. I hope hs returns,albeit with a less elder,condesending attitude.
    Let the attacks begin,
    on how I should think and feel,lectures on civility,(conformity)etc etc Tina h20 poster.

  • goo

    well there wouldn't be a crime if it wasn't for all the police around here - goo.

  • LoneWolf

    Well, Tina, I sure won't attack that post. I liked it.


  • larc


    I think you make a very valid point. People like Lurker really got people stirred up, and I think some of the anger against him spilled over onto new posts, especially when he came back with different names and pulled the same crap.

    Lurker started here with some intelligent posts, then all of a sudden he lost it. I think he has very severe mental problems. I sent him two private e mails on two different subjects, but he never did answer me.

    I think that when the mentally ill show up here, people bend over backwards to help them if they are suffering. However, when they attack us, it is difficult if not impossible not to go after them, especially when they are as vile as Lurker was. We had a woman come here earlier named Patrica. She had a tale of woe, and many gave her support and advice. After some time she responded in her paranoid, delusional state and called Seven a whore. The days of comfort to Patrica were over, and rightly so in my opinion.

    It is hard to know what is going to trigger any one of us. I have read some posts that I thought were relatively innocuous, that really offended someone else. I, in turn, have blasted people myself, particularly, waiting and logical. Waiting and I get along fine now. Logical won't talk to me any more. Early on, I tryed to give Logical warm support as did mommie and others. At some point, I lost my patience with him, especially when he went into the attack mode and I hit him pretty directly.

    At any rate, I think this is a good forum and those who stick around get to be friends, even it they get furious at each other at times. Kind of like a family isn't it?

  • waiting

    Cool Beans...............

    I can still post to this sucker!

    Oh! Sorry I missed your leaving, Step. I like that name your wife calls you, btw, better than HS. So much more personal, don'tcha think?

    Anyway, some good points made here and on your new thread - which definitely're back!

    Some things change, and some things never will. Kinda like should've, could've, would've. Doesn't matter much.

    Life goes on, and we can choose to help or not - as you said.

    HA! What a trick! I just realized I'm bringing this sucker to the top - and people are going to go..........

    "whathehell........????????" If I had anything to pay you back for, this would be sweeter, as "payback's hell." *sigh* - it's fun anyway.

    Lovin' regards,

    grinnin' waiting

    ps: HILLIARY STEP IS NOT LEAVING - HE ALREADY LEFT, AND CAME BACK And I'm certainly glad he did.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    I hope that this new Board is used wisely and not developed into some online jungle where the emotionally weak or those with different viewpoints or the less literate are seen as a target and the strong strut around in metaphoric jack-boots looking for victims to savage with their literary sabers.

    I agree Hillary. Have you had a change of heart since writing this quote? Obviously you've had a change of heard regarding the subject of this thread.

  • stillajwexelder

    HS is not a god you know - why are his very early posts being bumped?

  • Bring_the_Light
    Trevor Said: Hillary,

    If I ever decide to stop posting I will do so without a word - why burn bridges?
    You have made a huge posting, while saying goodbye, to make your point -
    your point.
    you are moving on becauce not everybody is buying the story you're selling.
    It's a shame to see you go becauce the more different opinions there are on
    this forum the richer it becomes.

    When you learn to enjoy the posts from those that disagree with you, even if they
    do so forcefully, then you will be free from the bondage of narrow mindedness.
    Ridicule is more edifying than praise.

    Plagarism is the most sincere form of flattery, I agree with trevor. You could be encouraged to know that the mods, led by Simon, are really cracking down on offensive naughtypants posters who offend their sensibilities by saying what they think rather than what others may want to hear. Maybe JWD will soon become more like you'd want, and you should stay?

  • FreudianSlip

    Stilla- HS is too a god!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Wow so many names from posts long ago. Geez I feel old. It really doesn't seem that long ago, does it? I remember Bowen's big goodbye thread complaining how this board was like "the wild west" and unsafe. Fred Hall getting banned for mocking Jesika which led to JWO.

    I hope waiting is okay. I'm glad I got to meet her. She was nice to me. And if Pat sees this, big hugs and kisses.

    I remember lurking on this board for months before I finally started in.

    Sorry ... just old man memories here. I'm going to shuffle off to my rocker now.

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