Police Said Elder and Wife of Elder Are Suing Dad and Mom for Defamation, Slander and Libel!

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  • ReligionOfHatred

    Simon my parents offered to buy their portion of the joint venture out for the price the agreed to even though it's filled with illegal space the County and Tax Agencies don't know about. It's a gamble because the County might make Aunt Cruella's house get ripped out and we can sue for dishonesty because we did not agree for them to overbuild and break the law.

    They lied on the forms where you swear under oath "I swear I only spent $130,000" when we have letters from Cruella saying they spent $400,000. My Dad hired another attorney a month ago, he begged Dad not to brng this up before the tax accessor because they could get a warrant and go through Cruella's house with a fine comb looking up all the extra square footage they lied about.

    The Tax-Real Estate lawyer said we could sue Cruella and Juandice for Fraud when reading a portion of the Joint-Venture under the "Honesty Clause", what would you do? Cruella feel's she's getting ripped off, there is no peace possible Simon because of the terrible hatred and lies being told. Can someone tell me if the County can really tear a building down for fraud?

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    This is a little all over the place. You can post AAWA signs in your yard. Not an issue. But I would really just clal the police next time these people are on your property.

    If they did something improper and you have evidence of it, get a lawyer. Otherwise, don't get dragged down to their level, and feel free to put whatever sign in your lawn regarding JW pedos you feel like.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Have you called Jerry Springer?


  • ReligionOfHatred

    That sounds like something Aunt Cruella would say, she's desirious or wishes her Kingdom Hall was perfect but does nothing at all to make change!

    There are two kinds of people, those who desire change and those who make change. Doctors desiring to join "Doctors without borders" and Doctors who make change by joining that organization.

    People who desire to help others while others make change by putting on their jeans, boots and gloves ready to make the World a better place. Jerry Springer's appeal is usually to those who desire change, others are too busy making change happen by helping the poor, working as free tutors at the High School for AP Calc(Guilty here of that) or (Organic Chemistry), I want to be a person who "make's change", not some Jerry Springer desirous of change person, guess my acceptance to Berkeley and Stanford and UC Davis will give me the tools to "Make Changes", see you on the sidelines DOC, grab a bag of Doritos while your at it!


  • Incognito

    Your parents are grown adults and should be dealing with their own matters. These issues are not your concern to remedy.

    It appears as though there is too much faith being placed on Elders and the Watch Tower to enforce honesty and to make matters right. The abuse confession to Elders is worthless unless they actually called the legal authorities to be involved.

    If there are threatening, accusatory and defamation issues, these need to be addressed by your parents through legal authorities including police and a qualified lawyer. Elders will do and can do nothing except play favourites.

    People make all sorts of threats, especially when they are cornered. If those who threaten legal action actually do consult a lawyer, they often find that there is no basis, validity or provability to their accusations.

    As your parents are partners (I assume on-title) in owning the house that was built larger than it should have been, your parents will be involved if there are any penalties assessed against the house owners by the tax and/or building department.

    As a building permit and inspections will have been required, the plans for the 'legal' space would have been misrepresented, while the 'undeclared' space would not have been inspected and may not be in conformance to building safety, fire safety or electrical safety requirements.

    In my province, the building department have authority to require any modifications performed without a building permit, to be torn-out and the structure restored to how it was prior to modification. Of course, restoring to the pre-existing condition usually also requires a building permit.

    There may be grounds for a claim against the county building inspection department as 1000 sq/ft of additional undeclared space, should have easily been recognized by the inspector. He/she should not have been fooled by a fake wall hiding the space, as was stated in your other thread.

    Your parents need to discuss the house situation with a qualified lawyer to obtain advice on how to proceed and also reduce their liability. Delay in dealing with the house issues, may be compounding their liability.

    Is your mother a qualified architect, designer or technologist? Did she design the house to include the additional undeclared space or was that added by your Aunt & Uncle without your mother's knowledge? Was there a prior fee for service that was agreed and documented prior to your mother commencing the drawing preparation? A verbal agreement is an agreement but is much harder to prove compared to written documentation or contract.

  • JWdaughter
    You can't put stuff on others property w/o permission. If your family is trying to embarrass them, they seem to be doing a good job. Not knowing the whole story. . .go to an attorney and see what you can legally do to expose wrongdoing without putting yourselves in jeopardy. This sounds like a really old and rusted train wreck. Please stop your family from setting themselves up for liability. Your mom's harm was decades ago, but their claims will be fresh and documented in some cases. You can feel or be morally justified, but the law could bite you in the backside. Back off all of it NOW. Call Atty. None of us are licensed to practice law online or elsewhere, but I know enough to know you are damaging yourselves. None of this will help your mum. She should report to police and/or child welfare the abuse, remind his local elders and leave it. It's too late to sue him or convict him for what he did, but she can support any others who come forward. All the rest of the family drama belongs in city planning/zoning and atty offices.
  • 144thousand_and_one
    Legal action is expensive. Think of it this way; new car plus trip to Tahiti, or revenge on these dirtbags; your choice!

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