Police Said Elder and Wife of Elder Are Suing Dad and Mom for Defamation, Slander and Libel!

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  • ReligionOfHatred

    My mom was sexually assaulted by the man Cruella and Jaundice are marching through their yard so Dad allowed someone to post a Fredrick Mclean (FBI sign) and the AAWA signs(Pedophile Warning!) on his mailbox and yard, now this Elder that tried to force my mother in to silence when she testified about the Pedophile Elder say's Dad and Mom are slandering him!.. The COBE Elder told the police that my Dad is trying to slander his name by putting these signs in our yard, Dad did not put those signs in his yard, he did not take them down because this Elder keeps bringing a sexual predator out in our yard. The man who molested my mother while a Bethelite is being marched through out yard to make my mother feel rotten, imagine having to see the man who molested you as a four-to seven year old by the Elder and Elderette!

    We have the Kingdom Hall letter and several apology letters from the former Elder who molested my mother begging for forgiveness, so is it wrong for victims to post signs up?



  • umbertoecho
    Stand up straight and strong don't be afraid. I think you are courageous for even posting this and my every cell in my body is on your' side. I do not doubt you or them...xxxx
  • ReligionOfHatred

    Can they sue for putting signs in our yard warning the neighbors that a pedophile is in their midst? Sorry to be so ignorant on Civil Liberties, can you advice me?l Why is this Elder bringing the man who sexually assaulted my mother and told her "If you ever tell anyone I will kill you and burry you in the Los Padres National Forest!" Elder Jaundice and Aunt Cruella tried to guilt my mother in to remaining silence, Uncle Jaundice almost got in a fight with a MMA fighter (Former Gang Banger) Ray Publisher knows who yelled at Jaundice saying "Your nuts to think victims come forward early, not all victims do this in the same time line!" Elder Jaundice and his henchmen elders stumbled brother MMA fighter out of the truth, it sucks because he was a good man that stood up to the elders when they picked on weak publishers!

    Elder Jaundice told my mother "Victims don't take twenty years to bring up their sexual abuse, they come forward sooner so you are a liar! His wife said the same thing too, she was defending the Pedophile over her sister!

  • blondie
    Why are the police involved in a slander, defamation, libel, etc. case? I understood that is a civil matter.
  • ReligionOfHatred

    Blondie the Elder is telling people my dad is trying to kill him. My parents live on a parcel with three partners, a horrible investment venture that's been a living hell! Last year my Mom's brother called her threatening to kill her and my younger brother, she called 911 and soon the police showed up with AR-15s waiting for my Uncle to arrive with his guns as promised. We did not know who the caller was until 911 traced the call to my Uncle's house and arrested him when he said. The Police had to threaten Uncle Jaundice because he told the police officer "I don't have to give you this information!" or provide you his address or phone number. The Police said "If you call him and tip him off, we will arrests you for obstruction! Uncle Jaundice and Cruella were angry and hated mom even more for this, they felt grandma who heard my Uncle threaten to kill Mom should lie because this Uncle was only drunk and harmless! The police had to threaten Jaudice because he would not cooperate and after the police telling he was morally obligated and threaten him, he finally gave him the address of this nasty Uncle. My Uncle would eventually get charged with a Felony and eventually he died before the case was examined, he was very sick at the end.

    It's funny because when the police showed up to his house with backup, he yelled "What are you doing here, I did not threaten to kill my sister!" that's when the police officers said "How did you know why we are here!" Uncle said "I did not mean it, I was messing with her and soon found himself in jail until Uncle Jaundice and Aunt Cruella bailed him out!

    More issues at the root of this is greed, Cruella and Jaundice want out of their real estate partnership we did as a three-way nightmare mess. The contract is horrible, the person who designed the contract had the most noble ideas and thought that three JW families could live in peace, this changed after Mom designed Crulla's house and Cruella refused to pay Mom for all her hard work! They started to hate mom because they owed our family money!

    Aunt Cruella and Uncle Jaundice want out of the real estate partnership just as much as we do except they built additional square feet (allowed 1200, they lied and pumped it out to 2200 square feet and never told the Tax accessor they add more square feet (another $20k in school fees!).

    Why are the police here, Uncle Jaundice is telling people my dad is trying to kill him, he said my dad who is not a mechanic or car smart has been destroying their property which is not true. Dad called 911 to tell them that Jaundice is telling people Dad is trying to kill them because he did not want that unchallenged and wanted a document and proof that this Elder is lying through his teeth. The reason there is so much hatred is my mother told the Organization because another elder called her seven years ago and said "Hey D, this Elder in SM just confessed to three elders he sexually assaulted your wife!i The Police were called to let them know that we know the lies their telling and if something happen's to this freak, we have proof we were no place near him or wanted nothing to do with this coward and bully of abused women!

    Aunt Cruella said that "this pedophile does more good that you, your a loser and brought down a man who was making progress in Jehovah's Organization unlike your depressed fat-ass! Aunt Cruella and Uncle Jaundice are enraged my mom told the Watchtower Society that this elder molested her while he was a Bethelite on vacation and continued this horrible conduct. My parents were wrong to keep this secret so long but they thought that the Elder was doing so many good works "Jehovah is blessing him and cursing mom because she has severe depression and even had to take a "time-out" at the hospital from all the stress these JWs inflicted upon her!

    Should he have called the police to let them know that Aunt Cruella and Uncle Jaundice are spreading lies, saying dad is cutting their break-cables, pins from the steering column and kicking their car in with dents and even keying it?

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Can they sue my parents for putting up Anti-Pedophile Signs and Find-Fredrick Mclean Signs? They say it's harassment but it's harassment having the man who molested mother dozens of times doing all types of wicked actions. He tried to use that "Your not held accountable until you 30 years old in the Ancient Jews time!"

    Is that correct, were people not held liable because I thought that the prophet of Jehovah called down bears on the wicked young men speaking wickedly of Elijah or Elisha? DO they have a case to sue us for harassment?

    I picked this username because of all the pain and suffering we endured and kept our mouths quite a a family to protect the Organization, it's sad the Organization has never done one thing to help mom, they have evaded her and were afraid she might come forward to the Police after decades!

  • Simon
    DO they have a case to sue us for harassment?

    Yes. Especially if they are being harassed. Of course they also have the right to lose if they are not ...

    If someone has broken the law then the law is the way to deal with them. If you instead do harass them, regardless of whether you are "morally right" or not, you may be running foul of the law. The courts are unlikely to consider claims of wrong-doing that have not been reported or charged as justification.

    If people go round claiming that the local elders either are pedophiles or are covering up pedophilia when they have no evidence to back up the claims then that would seem to be libelous to me.

    What would you do if someone was doing that to you? Ignore it or try and put a stop to it?

  • Vidiot

    This is a f**ked-up story...

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Simon the man they are marching through my parents yard confessed to molesting my mother, he claims he only did it 5 times over a period from age 17 to age 21, we have both of his letters confessing what he did. The problem is that Mom has always said that he repeatedly molested her each time he came back from Bethel, it was like he was filled with rage and took his agression out on a four-five-six,-seven and eight year old girl.

    Those signs from the AAWA, are those illegal to post in someone's yard? We are not saying the Aunt and Uncle covered up this, we are letting people know there is a problem among the Jehovah Witness religion where Pedophiles can go door-to-door. Did you read the AAWA flier?

    The Fredrick Mclean FBI Letter is the second letter, how can putting put a FBI Most Wanted Poster be construed as harassment? They have no problem bringing out the man who raped mom when she was a toddler-infant, we have the letters of confession and the congregation's publisher card warning letter on this former Elder. Can you understand what I am getting at, how can this be harassment if it's the truth and all we are doing is warning "there's a pedophile in the mists!"!

    3. Simon you asked me, "What would I do if they were doing it to me?"

    They are, they are accusing my dad with third degree burns all over his hand, a man who can't even type on the computer because skin falls off his hands and bleeds all over the keyboard of attempted murder!

  • ReligionOfHatred

    Simon, they are telling everyone my dad took out the pins of their newly purchased old truck's steering column , their telling everyone that my Dad did it! They said my dad has tried to burn their house down, they offer no evidence, just lie after life! The wife and husband are spreading rumors that Dad is trying to kill them and is vandalizing their house and cars, my dad does not go near their house, they are harassing us and have been screwing with us ever since my mother told the elders she was sexually assaulted by Cruealla's best friend!

    My parents are in the midst of a legal battle with them now, the lawyer said their lawyer will cost a fortune, it's going to cost Cruella another $150,000 in Real Estate attorney fees to get the extra $15,000 she wanted for her portion of the partnership, how is that for smart investing?

    I don't attend meetings anymore and want nothing to do with the JW religion so I am "burned here" anyone who knows people in San Luis Obispo will know whose's son I am. I was never baptized, going to school full-time getting a 3.95 GPA in all the advanced classes. I was accepted at Stanford, Berkely and UC Davis if I want to pay those wild tuition fees.

    The problem started over my dad telling a elder this:

    Elder "Accused harrassing young married sisters approaches dad" and say's

    Hey, how are you doing? Dad tells me "I am not doing good and he trys to ignore this nosy elder who won't leave him alone. Dad's friend walks off because he's the store manager and has things to do. This elder keeps following my dad and younger brother, finally he ask's my dad"

    "How come your not going to Meetings"? Dad said "Because your BOE is lying about my mother and father-in-law, and he said "Well, their bad association and might be apostates is what I heard!"

    Dad "That Bullshit, they are the most faithful witnesses to Jehovah out of anyone here, your hearing lies!" This freaky elder went on to say 'You know they ruined Elder M's position by lying about him!" Dad said "What are you talking about?" Elder said "Accusing him of being a pedophile, you and your wife and in-laws ruined his life and position and now he has a letter on his publisher card saying he's to be watched around children! It was not his fault, Jaundice said it was your father in-law who sexually assaulted your wife!"

    We called the Watchtower Society and spoke with legal four times over the past seven years about the pedophile situation. The Watchtower removed him, the BOE in Santa Maria removed him and he is never to be used again not even doing microphones! One of the friends at Bethel said "There is no way in Hell you will ever be used again because we can't afford the risk, with all the high profile lawsuits we can't gamble on you even though you did a lot was a young man, we are very sorry!" He cried and told my mother that to get her to sign a letter to change her mind.

    This man confessed, we got a call from a elder in Santa Maria, California who told us he came forward with his confession except he did not tell the entire truth! He tried to blame grandpa and that's what Cruella and Jaundice have told my friends, they tell my friends that the pedophile was trying to cover up for his elderly dad and took the bullet for him. The father never did anything, my mother's story has never changed one bit, they want her to lie so he can get his position back because he feels like he's spiritually impotent.

    The man at the grocery store "Elder Big Mouth" after attacking my grandpa and grandma, Dad said the following.'

    YOu know back in the 1990s Jaundice had no problem after blowing the $30k he made selling his business to take a few years off. When he filed bankruptcy in 1990s and did not pay rent for over a year, did not pay to help fix the yard, did not have a car because it got repossessed and I watched it go by on a trailer, who do you think paid their way? It was my mother andf father who were making $600 a month, they had to take out a home equity loan to pay for my Aunt and Uncle's inability to pay rent.

    They took grandma's car and blew the engine up, same with that Makita drill, using a sledge hammer to force a inch to fit in a 5/8s socket bent those two teeth and ruined it. He ruined my dad's chainsaw and never fixed it. They never paid my mom for drawing their blue-prints(Most pros charged $5-$8k to draw a custom home).

    Elder Big Mouth ran off to Elder Jaundice and said "Hey, I heard you are filing bankrutpcy, can I help you by loaning you money?" This Elder has caused trouble with several members on JWN you personally know from the Coastal area Simon, they will tell you this elder is a wicked liar! Did you catch what the elder said, he knew my Dad was speaking about the Bailout Grandma gave them in the 1990s and told the Elder Big-Mouth, "Now that they got money they forget about all the good deeds grandma and grandpa did!" This elder lied through his teeth because he hates Jaundice and could not wait to share that info on him!

    Sorry it's so long, I am trying to get you to understand the dynamics of what is going down and how ugly the hatred JW Aunts and Uncles can show, cousins too, my cousins are kind, the ones from another JW family are not so cool!

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