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  • rebel8

    As you probably know, this is me and you can imagine that the old brainwashing sucks for me sometimes.

    I don't believe anything wts says about medical care, I don't agree, and I have seen the proof they are wrong. I've been out for a long time. Yet, there are those old rusty thoughts hiding in the hidden corners of my brain.

    Lately, while having medical care, the thought, "Using blood products is greedy," kept popping into my head. (I hate that.) I couldn't remember a specific teaching, only that it was told to me.

    Found it.

    The naturalist Pliny (a contemporary of the apostles) and the second-century physician Aretaeus report that human blood was a treatment for epilepsy. Tertullian later wrote: "Consider those who with greedy thirst, at a show in the arena, take the fresh blood of wicked criminals … and carry it off to heal their epilepsy."

    Dumbasses. Creeps. A big middle finger up for messing with my brain.

  • nonjwspouse

    The indoctrination seems to me to be like like roaches hiding in the dark corners, appearing in the light now and again. No matter how many you squash, there are always many more still hiding.

    If only there were a "roach bait" for indoctrination that could draw them all out and eliminate them.

  • OrphanCrow
    Rebel8: Dumbasses. Creeps. A big middle finger up for messing with my brain.

    Me too.

    I haven't 't been able to read the last round of posts about bloodless surgery. My stomach heaves every time I look at the title of the threads or run across an article. I can't read this latest round of noblood propaganda yet.

    Dumbasses. Creeps. A big middle finger up for messing with my brain.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    I understand, rebel8. That is why I hate high control groups so strongly..

    For anybody reading this who has difficulty letting go of this deeply ingrained doctrine..

    Or if you want to consider a different perspective that may help you, take a look at this thread.>>

    Please read the OP first:


    Then (because someone called pressman wasted a lot of space going off-topic), I'd recommend reading from page 7 onwards..


  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Melodramatic bastards with their cheap tactics... they always have to use outlandish examples to try to manipulate through fear,.... for F**k sake; is that how blood is collected these days, did medical organisations 'ever' collect blood that way?

    how is there any similarity with a situation where a man or woman out of their love for life goes to donate blood, which is then used to save a person's life, and the situation mentioned by Tertullian?

    I've never donated blood before, because I guess the indoctrination is still inside somewhere but those GB A*** holes make me wanna donate just to go against everything they said.

    I think it's terrible for those little ideas to be sown into your brain, and to be still stuck there years later, even when they have no power over you, they still have control.... !£!$%%^

  • Diogenesister

    Rebel 8 thanks for the post, if I can I am going to see if I can get your book on Kindle.

    I am a nurse & the folk I know who donate blood are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

    As if it's greedy to want to cure epilepsy anyway. Idiots. Dangerous idiots.

  • carla

    Well! I didn't know you wrote a book? How did I miss that? You shouldn't have been so shy about it, you are well respected poster here and I'm sure many will read it. Congratulations! (adding to my list of must reads this winter)

    Wishing you great success with the book and thanks for helping to get the word out about jw's.

    all the best,


  • rebel8

    Thanks to all.

    they still have control

    Yep. I had an automatic thought recently: "I should take a smaller dose because I'm being greedy." WTH!

    Thankfully I banished it immediately, but it kept popping up into my head!

    Some people say cults are equal to all religions. I am not saying any religion is right or morally good, but brainwashing only occurs in cults.

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