File lawsuit or not?

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  • larc


    I think the first thing to do is to write out as much of the detail of the conversation with her as you can remember and take it to an attorney. If he thinks you should send it, I am sure he will provide the necessary caviats to make it nonlibelous. There are some indisputable facts. Your phone number is unlisted. She called you. Later, some else called you. You can repeat what she said, and then put in an "if, then" sentence. Such as, "If I misunderstood you and you did not get my phone number from my credit records, then where did you get it." I think if you send an attorney sanctioned letter to her company, the elders, and the legal athorities, that she will be dumb enough to confess. Even if she doesn't, she will get enough heat to make her life miserable.

  • TR

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

    Tomorrow I will get ahold of an attorney. Hey, the last JW elder that came to my door is an attorney! Wait, he's a bankruptcy attorney. Figures.

    I'll keep y'all posted. But if legal action starts, I may have to keep my big yap shut.


  • teejay


    >> I'll keep y'all posted

    please do. i wish i had some ammo against the evil empire like you do.

    sorry for the sis, but i'd just hafta consider her a sacrificial lamb for
    the benefit of others down the line who just want to live their lives in
    peace without being snooped on by over-zealous noseys.

    yes. keep us posted.


  • COMF

    Kick her scumbag ass! Sue her, sue the elders, sue the kingdom hall! Get a lawyer and then tell the press about it. Harass her! Call her at work every five minutes! Arrrrrgh! Vengeance! Vengeance shall be yoooooouuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrsssssssss!!!

    (wheeze, gasp)

    Okay, I feel better now. Needed to get that out.

    My suggestion: get a new unlisted number and write this episode off as one of those things you accept because you can't change it.


  • freeATlast
    I was wondering about how to prove how she got my phone number.

    the company usually tracks which employees access an individual's records. for cases like this. if you call the company and threaten to sue, they probably will fire her ass rather than risk the lawsuit. If she does data entry, she's not worth the hassle.

  • TR

    I'm just not sure if I have the time and money to do this thing. If it were a case of pedophilia or some other serious crime, I wouldn't hesitate to go for the jugular.


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