File lawsuit or not?

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  • TR

    When I moved my family after leaving the Jehoagies Schmitnesses, I changed my phone number, and made sure it was unlisted. Little did I know that I would soon be receiving a call out of the blue from a JW.

    Now, this was a woman that I had worked with at one time and we were pretty good friends, so a few years later, when she called, I was kind of glad to hear from her. The problem was, how did she get my phone number. She admitted how she got it when I asked her. She works for a credit card servicing center here in town, and she filched it from my credit records. She immediately apologized, but knew that she had done wrong. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed at her digging in my records, especially because she called to annoy me with the tried and true Jdub crap about neglecting "God's" org. I shared with her some of my new found knowledge about the Fricktower Society, which she so zombie-like ignored.

    This woman has never called me back, but a "brother" that we mutually know called for me a couple of times while I was out. Hmmm...I wonder how HE got my number? This shinola ticks me off. First the airhead steals my confidential personal info, then hands it out. Maybe I should bust 'em to make an example. What sayeth ye?


  • Scorpion

    Maybe you should write their names and phone numbers on a few undesirable bathroom walls.

    Seriously, you may give it a shot and try to sue. If anything, the woman who dug into your records may get fired from her job or at least repremanded. I am sure as all good JWs do, they will lie out their teeth to cover their hide on this.

  • Marilyn

    Sounds like the kind of thing they would scream blue murder about if it happened to them! But of course we have to remember that they are special and we have to make allowances for them cause they're different and God's
    s people an'all. If I were you I'd forget about this as all you will do is reinforce their matyr complex!


  • larc


    You could compose a letter and have it typed on an attorny's letterhead describing the offense and the seriousness of it. Then, I would send it to her, the other caller, the Elders in her congregation, the Watchtower Society, and to the President and the HRM executive of her company. CC everybody in the letter. That should keep her busy for awhile.

  • Norm

    Hi TR,

    This is typical arrogant behavior for JW's. After all they will soon be the only ones around when their "loving God" has exterminated the rest of humankind and as they belong to the elite who has presumably made it into Gods, not to exterminate list, they feel they have the right to do what they want.

    A JW who works as a nurse with access to patient files have more or less been ordered by the WT to turn in Witnesses with VD and JW women having abortions to the elders.


  • BugEye

    Hey TR

    Have to go along with larc on this one. The letter would relate the seriousness and
    would also likely prevent any others from following suit.

    You may try and go the lawsuit way, and she is likely to lose her job either way. But it
    could well be expensive and as Marilyn says, they would only take it as evidence that
    satan and his followers are persecuting true christians.


  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    I like Larc's idea too. I did that once (can't even remember what it had to do with). But it had the desired results, if I remember correctly.

  • mustang

    Properly done, they are called LAWYER'S LETTERS. There is a strict protocol on this. You could write them yourself, with the right research. I've done this (you CAN fight City Hall).

    Include sending this to any state regulatory agency for that person's industry. Expand that to some of the Federal agencies, as well.

    Can you spell H-O-R-N-E-T-'-S N-E-S-T?


    Disclaimer: nothing that I write or utter is to be considered legal advice. Consult proper counsel for such matters.

    Further, all that I write or utter, is considered to be protected by religious freedom under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as the "free exercise", as well as "freedom of speech" clauses.

  • Skimmer

    The infraction is an obvious invasion of priivacy and it calls for action.

    First, I would most definitely set up a documentaion trail as you will need this for further developments.

    Second, you may have a claim against the woman's employer for failing to adequately train and supervise her. If the employer is faced with a lawsuit, they will quickly dismiss her. They will do this not to appease you, but rather to protect themselves.

    Third, I would not let resolution of the matter be limited to the local Kingdom Hall. As it is the WTBTS that is encouraging this type of misbehavior, so it is the WTBTS that should have to pay for it. If enough people rattle the Brooklyn cage with threats of lawsuits, then they just might issue a new no-spy policy. Even if they are able to escape from paying settlements, they will want to avoid any kind of bad publicity that might hinder their revenues of contributions and free labor.

  • outnfree

    Geez! How many times have we heard the "honest Christian at work" talk?

    Definitely agree with larc and the others that you must do something about this invasion of privacy. (Did you really want this sister knowing your credit history? Do you think she stopped at name, address, and telephone number?) Like the lawyer's letter and the widest possible range of recipients per mustang and Skimmer. Because it would be nice if the WTBTS (or is that CCJW?) ceased and desisted from making their congregants spies!

    This is war, TR, -- THEOCRATIC War!!!


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