Price for Child Abuse

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  • blondie

    The Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI, just filed bankruptcy but had to set aside money for the victims BUT it is not really a financial coup...but it was an open acknowledgement of the RC responsibility. The RC has been paying out since 2002 and has many more cases pending in the US and other countries...but it is still here and will be long after I am dead.

    If the concept is that the WTS will disappear and child abuse along with it is not a logical or sensible concept...more sensible is to strengthen the laws and get them enforced to reduce the problem.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Since their income seems to be in astronomical figures even if they were required to pay a billion Dollars compensation that would possibly only knock them back a year or two before they recovered. They would just have to keep construction projects on hold for a bit longer or sell off more of their vast property portfolio.

    What would be more hurtful to them would be to receive exposure in the world media for their uncaring attitude for the victims of child abuse and the arrogance in dealing with it "in house".

    To really hurt this cult will require enormous amounts of bad publicity over a long period of time, then to have most of their money spent on claims against them and thirdly a dramatic drop in the number of followers.

  • umbertoecho

    smiddy is quite right in some ways. I don't think there is a cash value that can reasonably apply to such abuse. However, I have discovered that when money is involved, it really ramps up the pressure on the organisation that is at risk of having to pay out.........Money causes attention to become focused on the religion that allowed such abuse to go is tantamount to a nice big advertisement in the paper.....A warning. People pay attention to things like this.

    My daughter's were validated by compensation, not that it will cure the abuse. One of them said. " Well, it hit them where it hurt didn't it mum?" I was pleased at this practical approach. More redress, more exposure, more WT lawyers and their slimy bullshit ways, and Australia might ban the bastards............always room for hope hey?

    If this part of the redress is payout..........then good. The main one is the exposure that come's with this sort of exposure. Sadly, but truly, money does talk in such instances.

  • OrphanCrow

    I have looked, but am unable to find it again. I read a news relaese that stated how much some victims of other instituions have received - or the money set aside for victims in that one case - and the total figure represented a three way input. From the instituion, and two levels of government in Australia.

    It was a substantial amount per victim. If it is any indication, the WTS will be taking a big hit soon. Many millions.

    *I wish I could remember the amounts and number of victims...

  • truthseekeriam

    I think for most that it's not about the money, it's about standing up and forcing the WTS to take accountability for their horrible policies.

    Sadly, it isn't enough that many are leaving over the way they mishandle abuse of children, so the one way to get their attention is to drag them into court and hit them where it hurts.

    1. Money

    2. Public exposure

  • fukitol
    Tens of millions. It's gonna be very bad for them. The WBTS is f*cked in Australia.
  • smiddy

    Thanks DoC

    That is the case I was thinking of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the Watchtower acting as friend of the court in their behalf.

    What hypocrites they are.


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